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October 1997
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The October issue features reports on the World Science Fiction Convention and the Hugo Awards Winners.

1997 Hugo Awards Winners, with complete Hugo voting figures and coverage of the awards ceremony.
Spinrad for a Dollar: Why Norman Spinrad is offering his new novel to any US publisher who will take it for $1.
1996 Chesley Awards Winners: results and photo.

Elizabeth A. Lynn: A New Spring (excerpt)
Jonathan Lethem: Breeding Hybrids in the Genre Garden (excerpt)

International Conference
Coverage of the 1997 Beijing International Science Fiction Conference, with reports by Charles N. Brown, Wu Yan, Elizabeth Anne Hull, and James Gunn.

People & Publishing
News items about S. P. Somtow, George Alec Effinger, Paul Lehr, Stephen Baxter, and many others.

Of Judith Merril, Carl Jacobi, and others.

New & Recommended
Books and short fiction.

--Locus Looks at Books--
Distillations: Short Fiction
Reviews by Mark R. Kelly

10-11/97; Analog 10/97; Analog 11/97; SF Age 9/97; Interzone 7/97, Interzone 8/97; F&SF 9/97.
Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe
, Stephen Baxter; Vacuum Diagrams, Stephen Baxter; Toward the End of Time, John Updike; The Gift, Patrick O'Leary; Boddekker's Demons, Joe Clifford Faust.
Reviews by Faren Miller
The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass
, Stephen King; Violin, Anne Rice; Ever: The War in the Waste, Felicity Savage; Nymphomation, Jeff Noon; Eating Memories, Patricia Anthony.
Reviews by Russell Letson
Forever Peace
, Joe Haldeman; Dreaming Metal, Melissa Scott.
Reviews by Edward Bryant
The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass
, Stephen King; The Throne of Bones, Brian McNaughton; Ceremony in Death, J.D. Robb; The Widowmaker Reborn, Mike Resnick; SHORT TAKE: Bad Chili, Joe R. Lansdale.
Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman
The Harlequin's Dance
, Tom Arden; Drum Calls, Jo Clayton; The Long Patrol, Brian Jacques; Deep Secret, Diana Wynne Jones; The Wild Road, Gabriel King; Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Mercedes Lackey; Dragon Slayers' Academy: The New Kid at School, K.H. McMullan; Honor Harrington: In Enemy Hands, David Weber.
Short Reviews by Jonathan Strahan
Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art
, Vincent Di Fate; New Worlds, David Garnett, ed.; Mars Underground, William K. Hartmann; Lightpaths, Howard V. Hendrix; Sorcerers of Majipoor, Robert Silverberg; Honor Harrington: In Enemy Hands, David Weber.

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