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Cumulative SFFH Books on 2007 General Bestseller Lists
posted 12 February 2008
J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was the bestselling SF/Fantasy/Horror hardcover in 2007; Cormac McCarthy's The Road the bestselling trade paperback; and Katherine Paterson's Bridge to Terabithia the bestselling mass market paperback, according to this compilation of data from Locus Online's weekly tables of SFFH titles on general bestseller lists.

This table shows cumulative bestseller rankings compiled from Locus Online's weekly tables of SF, fantasy, and horror titles that appear on general bestseller lists published by The New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, Publishers Weekly,, Amazon UK, and Amazon Canada.

The summary here lists hardcovers, trade paperbacks, and mass-market paperbacks in descending order by a cumulative score calculated from the rankings of titles on each list.

(Details: a #1 rank is worth 1000 points, a #10 rank from a source that compiles separate lists for fiction/nonfiction and by format (i.e., not including Amazon or USA Today) is worth 775 points, with a #50 ranking on an Amazon or USA Today list (which combine all forms and formats into a single list) scaled to be approximately equal; then lower ranks on New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon lists are scored linearly down to 0. Despite this attempt to combine rankings from different sources in a relative way, the final results (arranged by 'Cum Score') are little different than a simple ranking based on the total number of times a title appears on any of the lists ('Times on Lists') would be.)

The ranking here shows cumulative scores by title and format, disregarding publisher and country of publication; thus all hardcover editions of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, for instance, are summed together, whether published in the US, the UK, or Canada. Links on titles are to the US publisher where available; links to UK and Canadian editions are placed on the publisher names.


Cum RankAuthorTitlePublisher(s)Cum ScoreTimes on ListsRank HighRank Low
1Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsScholastic; Bloomsbury; Raincoast1700981801100
2Tolkien, J. R. R.The Children of HúrinHoughton Mifflin; HarperCollins UK1152971441143
3Chabon, MichaelThe Yiddish Policemen's UnionHarperCollins62297851123
4Harris, ThomasHannibal RisingDelacorte; Heinemann4361558399
5Paolini, ChristopherEldestKnopf; Doubleday UK4053648186
6Meyer, StephenieEclipseLittle, Brown4003647178
7Pratchett, TerryMaking MoneyHarperCollins; Doubleday UK39589522112
8Meyer, StephenieNew MoonLittle, Brown3660646290
9Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceScholastic; Bloomsbury; Raincoast36147464100
10Crichton, MichaelNextHarperCollins32184432110
11Gibson, WilliamSpook CountryPutnam29017412142
12Selznick, BrianThe Invention of Hugo CabretScholastic Press2772633380
13Goodkind, TerryConfessorTor; HarperVoyager25843342107
14Bachman, RichardBlazeScribner; Hodder & Stoughton2356933294
15Moore, ChristopherYou Suck: A Love StoryMorrow22643311134
16McCarthy, CormacThe RoadKnopf21013301143
17Herbert, Brian, & Kevin J. AndersonSandworms of DuneTor19548293124
18Hamilton, Laurell K.The HarlequinBerkley18982272125
19Palahniuk, ChuckRantDoubleday17573275127
20Hill, JoeHeart-Shaped BoxMorrow17020276141
21Butcher, JimWhite NightRoc14934214131
22Westerfeld, ScottExtrasSimon Pulse14539191116
23Brooks, TerryThe Elves of CintraBallantine Del Rey14498225117
24Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixScholastic; Bloomsbury; Raincoast13849181682
25Harrison, KimFor a Few Demons MoreEos12657192115
26Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneScholastic; Raincoast [as Philosopher's Stone]1241615786
27Hamilton, Laurell K.A Lick of FrostBallantine; Bantam UK11758162110
28Salvatore, R. A.The Orc King: Transitions, Book OneWizards of the Coast11728196120
29Scott, MichaelThe AlchemystDelacorte Press116501328
30Paolini, ChristopherEragonKnopf; Doubleday UK1145013180
31Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsScholastic; Raincoast10884141399
32Fforde, JasperFirst Among SequelsViking; Hodder & Stoughton1066915593
33Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanScholastic; Bloomsbury; Raincoast10639141598
34Kenyon, SherrilynDevil May CrySt. Martin's1046115293
35Harris, CharlaineAll Together DeadAce9707156116
36Chabon, MichaelGentlemen of the RoadBallantine Del Rey; Hodder & Stoughton/Sceptre9297151121
37Marr, MelissaWicked LovelyHarperTeen91751028
38Murakami, HarukiAfter DarkKnopf895215288
39Koontz, DeanBrother OddBantam8655147128
40Hunter, ErinWarriors: Power of Three: The SightHarperCollins8526101123
41Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireScholastic; Bloomsbury; Raincoast8018112289
42Yi Fan, NancySwordbirdEos759010714
43Patterson, JamesMaximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme SportsLittle, Brown Young Readers7461114113
44Simmons, DanThe TerrorLittle Brown74521614115
45Kay, Guy GavrielYsabelRoc; Penguin Canada7414101077
46Paolini, ChristopherEldest, Deluxe EditionKnopf7380102285
47Gingrich, Newt, & William R. ForstchenPearl Harbor: A Novel of December 8thSt. Martin's/Thomas Dunne686810789
48Traviss, KarenStar Wars: Legacy of the Force: SacrificeBallantine Del Rey6786117131
49Armstrong, KelleyNo Humans InvolvedBantam Spectra6264111489
50Zahn, TimothyStar Wars: AllegianceBallantine Del Rey6137107139
51Westerfeld, ScottSpecialsSimon Pulse60007510
(t)Beddor, FrankSeeing ReddDial60007415
53Canavan, TrudiVoice of the GodsOrbit597982065
54Donaldson, Stephen R.Fatal RevenantPutnam; Gollancz54101212131
55King, StephenLisey's StoryScribner; Hodder & Stoughton4860108142
56Hamilton, Laurell K.Mistral's KissBallantine4577912133
57Hamilton, Peter F.The Dreaming VoidBallantine Del Rey; Tor UK438562880
58Hobb, RobinRenegade's MagicEos; HarperVoyager436761892
59Powers, RichardThe Echo MakerFarrar, Straus and Giroux431064 33
60Sage, AngieSeptimus Heap, Book Three: PhysikHarperCollins/Katherine Tegen Books4220712120
61Diaz, JunotThe Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoRiverhead Books42198482
62Black, HollyIronsideSimon & Schuster/McElderry4175559
63Barry, Dave, & Ridley PearsonPeter and the Shadow ThievesHyperion Books for Children/Disney Editions4150559
64Niffenegger, AudreyThe Time Traveler's WifeMacAdam/Cage393653553
65Turtledove, HarrySettling Accounts: In at the DeathBallantine Del Rey32555670
66Twelve Hawks, JohnThe Dark RiverDoubleday282952489
67Reynolds, Alastair The PrefectGollancz275443479
68Davidson, MaryJaniceUndead and UneasyBerkley255751991
69Funke, CorneliaInkspellThe Chicken House2500378
70Reaves, Michael, & Steve PerryStar Wars: Death StarBallantine Del Rey2411512103
71Skelton, MatthewEndymion SpringDelacorte232531010
72Meyer, StephenieTwilightLittle, Brown; Atom230045790
73Anderson, M. T.The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Volume I: The Pox PartyCandlewick Press229531011
74Morgan, RichardBlack ManGollancz216935159
75Abercrombie, JoeThe Blade ItselfGollancz183647098
76Barker, CliveMister B. GoneHarperCollins; HarperVoyager1718620129
77Lethem, JonathanYou Don't Love Me YetDoubleday1675278
78Mi&eacteu;ville, ChinaUn Lun DunBallantine Del Rey; Macmillan Children's books155021010
79Pratchett, TerryWintersmithHarperTempest; Doubleday UK142524365
80Banks, IainThe Steep Approach to GarbadaleMacAdam/Cage; Little Brown140722976
81Feist, Raymond E.Into a Dark RealmEos; HarperCollins Voyager115042231
82Butcher, JimCaptain's FuryAce873317109
83Clare, CassandraCity of BonesSimon & Schuster/McElderry850177
(t)Murakami, HarukiBlind Willow, Sleeping WomanKnopf850177
85Beddor, FrankThe Looking Glass WarsDial; Egmont Books825188
(t)Grossman, AustinSoon I Will Be InvinciblePantheon825188
(t)McNamee, EoinThe NavigatorWendy Lamb Books825188
(t)Tan, ShaunThe ArrivalScholastic/Levine; Lothian825188
89Farmer, NancyThe Land of the Silver ApplesAtheneum77511010
(t)Gaiman, Neil, & Michael ReavesInterWorldEos77511010
91Colfer, EoinArtemis Fowl and the Lost ColonyMiramax; Puffin758286108
92Pratchett, Terry, & Stephen BriggsThe Wit and Wisdom of DiscworldHarper; Doubleday UK71515555
93Weber, DavidOff Armageddon ReefTor67532533
94Flint, Eric, & David Weber1634: The Baltic WarBaen62021932
95Esslemont, Ian C.Night of KnivesBantam Press60316969
96Stirling, S. M.The Sunrise LandsRoc59022527
97Stross, CharlesHalting StateAce53117878
98Paolini, ChristopherEragon/Eldest Boxed SetKnopf42719191
99Hill, Joe20th Century GhostsMorrow41512222
100Barry, Dave, & Ridley PearsonPeter and the Secret of the RundoonHyperion Books for Children/Disney Editions3502109136
101Carey, JacquelineKushiel's JusticeWarner29023032
102Williams, TadShadowplayDAW; Orbit UK23512828
103Britain, KristenThe High King's TombDAW20512929
(t)Flint, Eric, & Virginia De Marce1634: The Bavarian CrisisBaen20512929
105Modesitt, L. E., Jr.Natural OrdermageTor17513030
106Morrell, DavidScavengerVanguard Press2513535

  Trade Paperbacks

Cum RankAuthorTitlePublisher(s)Cum ScoreTimes on ListsRank HighRank Low
1McCarthy, CormacThe RoadVintage1846092211135
2Paolini, ChristopherEldestKnopf55548671144
3Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceScholastic; Bloomsbury42409652116
4Meyer, StephenieTwilightLittle, Brown3103739197
5Paolini, ChristopherEragonKnopf2982534110
6Niffenegger, AudreyThe Time Traveler's WifeHarvest; Vintage270894416140
7Maguire, GregoryWickedHarperCollins25646557142
8Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixScholastic17035366141
9Westerfeld, ScottUgliesSimon Pulse1604520415
10Staten, JosephHalo: Contact HarvestTor15976233123
11Erikson, StevenThe Reaper's GaleTransworld/Bantam UK12847181099
12Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneScholastic12507193139
13Vonnegut, KurtSlaughterhouse-FiveDell12445219131
14Matheson, RichardI Am LegendOrb1038915590
15Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsScholastic8980134140
16Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireScholastic87051412143
17Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanScholastic8596128105
18Nylund, EricHalo: Ghosts of OnyxTor80041813139
19Ishiguro, KazuoNever Let Me GoVintage747510594
20Westerfeld, ScottSpecialsSimon Pulse6275747
21Gemmell, David, & Stella GemmellTroy: The Fall of KingsTransworld/Bantam UK465161193
22Westerfeld, ScottPrettiesSimon Pulse32754710
23Maguire, GregorySon of a WitchRegan Books2903717116
24Anderson, Kevin J.Metal SwarmSimon & Schuster255642299
25Brockmeier, KevinThe Brief History of the DeadVintage24753710
26Kostova, ElizabethThe HistorianBack Bay Books1669795144
27Funke, CorneliaInkheartScholastic16102413
28Pullman, PhilipThe Subtle KnifeKnopf1425371108
29James, P. D.The Children of MenVintage102028120
30Fforde, JasperThe Fourth BearPenguin875166
31King, StephenEverything's EventualPocket74511111
32Morgan, Richard K.Altered CarbonBallantine Del Rey62716666
33Pullman, PhilipThe Amber SpyglassKnopf57917272
34Gaiman, NeilFragile Things: Short Fictions and WondersHarperPerennial11513232


Cum RankAuthorTitlePublisher(s)Cum ScoreTimes on ListsRank HighRank Low
1Paterson, KatherineBridge to TerabithiaHarperEntertainment22955271109
2Matheson, RichardI Am LegendTor2113225292
3King, StephenLisey's StoryPocket1927628383
4Koontz, DeanBrother OddBantam1905224489
5Crichton, MichaelNextHarper1764019144
6Pullman, PhilipHis Dark Materials TrilogyBallantine1607520574
7Pullman, PhilipThe Golden CompassYearling15920297138
8Maguire, GregoryWickedHarper1562123578
9Paolini, ChristopherEragonLaurel Leaf; Corgi Childrens14668212128
10Pullman, PhilipHis Dark Materials Gift SetScholastic1428716181
11King, StephenThe MistSignet13975259123
12Gaiman, NeilStardustHarperFantasy12932202130
13King, StephenCellPocket Star12868202120
14Kenyon, SherrilynThe Dream HunterSt. Martin's Paperbacks; Piatkus Books12104162132
15Smith, ScottThe RuinsVintage11325166135
16Denning, TroyStar Wars: Legacy of the Force: InfernoBallantine Del Rey1068814490
17Beddor, FrankThe Looking Glass WarsEgmont1020012510
18King, StephenEverything's EventualPocket; NEL/Sceptre9428188134
19Briggs, PatriciaBlood BoundAce89941811132
20Allston, AaronStar Wars: Legacy of the Force, Book 2: ExileBallantine Del Rey8943134132
21Nix, GarthThe Keys to the Kingdom, Book 5: Lady FridayHarperCollins Children's Books UK8818111184
22Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneBloomsbury; Raincoast817010886
23Patterson, JamesMaximum Ride: School's Out ForeverLittle, Brown Young Readers77169268
24Goodkind, TerryPhantomTor7382146144
25Paolini, ChristopherEldestCorgi7254101193
26Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsScholastic; Bloomsbury; Raincoast703491499
27Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanBloomsbury; Raincoast697492285
28Koontz, DeanForever OddBantam64371410127
29Pratchett, TerryWintersmithCorgi615291198
30Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireBloomsbury; Raincoast6115825100
31Allston, AaronStar Wars: Legacy of the Force: FuryBallantine Del Rey584584135
32Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixBloomsbury; Raincoast584471263
33L'Engle, MadeleineA Wrinkle in TimeYearling47121240132
34Arthur, KeriDangerous GamesDell Spectra4634813135
35Bradbury, RayFahrenheit 451Ballantine Del Rey41681685144
36Orwell, GeorgeNineteen Eighty-FourSignet392816100129
37Arthur, KeriTempting EvilDell Spectra387889127
38Novik, NaomiEmpire of IvoryBallantine Del Rey316365124
39Arthur, KeriEmbraced by DarknessDell Spectra275451985
40Jordan, RobertKnife of DreamsTor2569713127
(t)Vonnegut, KurtSlaughterhouse-FiveLaurel2569912144
42Arthur, KeriKissing SinDell Spectra2564518141
43Koontz, DeanDarkfallBerkley2279440143
44Barry, Dave, & Ridley PearsonPeter and the StarcatchersHyperion Books for Children/Disney Editions1700259
45Sage, AngieSeptimus Heap, Book One: MagykRayo15752910
46Traviss, KarenStar Wars: Republic Commando: True ColorsBallantine Del Rey1482423114
47Hamilton, Laurell K.Danse MacabreJove1240426143
48Brooks, TerryArmageddon's ChildrenBallantine Del Rey982626138
49Patterson, JamesMaximum Ride: The Angel ExperimentLittle, Brown77511010
50Pratchett, TerryThud!HarperTorch; Corgi73115353
51Karpyshyn, DrewStar Wars: Darth Bane: Path of DestructionBallantine Del Rey598297117
52Butcher, JimProven GuiltyRoc5902106109
53Pullman, PhilipNorthern LightsScholastic55517575
54Pratchett, TerryA Hat Full of SkyHarperTrophy; Corgi51518080
55Zahn, TimothyStar Wars: Outbound FlightBallantine Del Rey4782114115
56Card, Orson ScottEmpireTor44512121
57McCaffrey, Anne, & Todd McCaffreyDragon's FireBallantine Del Rey38512323
58Allston, AaronStar Wars: Legacy of the Force, Book 1: BetrayalBallantine Del Rey2062120143
59Denning, TroyStar Wars: Legacy of the Force: TempestBallantine Del Rey162234131
60Orwell, GeorgeAnimal FarmSignet1551125125
61Herbert, Brian, & Kevin J. AndersonHunters of DuneTor151333143
62Weber, DavidAt All CostsBaen11513232
63Weber, DavidIn Fury BornBaen991132132
64Gaiman, Neil, & Terry PratchettGood OmensHarperTorch671136136
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