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This page compiles selected classic and otherwise-notable SFFH works newly available in any edition, hardcover or paperback.

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Notable classic reprints seen : Posted 24 July 2004

Bester, Alfred : The Computer Connection
(ibooks 0-7434-8713-3, $6.99, 258pp, mass market paperback, June 2004)
(First edition: Berkley Putnam, June 1975)

SF novel about a band of immortals and a supercomputer named Extro. This was Bester's comeback novel in 1975, nearly 20 years after the publication of his two 1950s classics (The Demolished Man and The Stars, My Destination).
• It was serialized in Analog as "The Indian Giver", published in the UK as Extro, was a Hugo and Nebula nominee in 1976, and placed #3 on that year's Locus Poll for Best Novel.
• The publisher's parent site has this description. This mass market edition is a reprint of ibooks' 2000 trade paperback edition, with an introduction by Harlan Ellison.
(Fri 2 Jul 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Harrison, Harry : Bill, the Galactic Hero
(ibooks 0-7434-8707-9, $6.99, 185pp, mass market paperback, July 2004)
(First edition: Doubleday, 1965)

Humorous SF novel, a parody of military SF (especially Heinlein's Starship Troopers).
• Earlier editions of this book have been reviewed by Adam-Troy Castro in Science Fiction Weekly and by A.L. Sirois at SF Site.
• The publisher's parent site has this description. This mass market edition is a reprint of ibooks' 2000 trade paperback edition, with introduction by the author.
(Fri 2 Jul 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Holdstock, Robert : Lavondyss
(Orb 0-765-30731-6, $15.95, 414pp, trade paperback, July 2004)
(First edition: UK: Gollancz, 1988)

Fantasy novel based on Irish and English mythology, second in the series that began with Mythago Wood (1984, reprinted last year by Orb), with several others following (The Hollowing, 1993, etc.)
• This book won the 1989 British SF Association Award.
• Steven H Silver has this review of an earlier edition.
(Fri 25 Jun 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Kurtz, Katherine : Deryni Rising
(Ace 0-441-01168-3, $22.95, 14+269pp, hardcover, July 2004, jacket illustration Matt Stawicki)
(First edition: Ballantine, 1970)

Hardcover edition of the first novel in the long-running "Deryni" series. It placed #30 in Locus Magazine's 1998 All-Time Fantasy Novel poll.
• The author's official site,, has background on the books in the series.
(Fri 9 Jul 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Kushner, Ellen : Thomas The Rhymer
(Bantam Spectra 0-553-58697-1, $6.99, 258pp, mass market paperback, June 2004, cover illustration Kinuko Y. Craft)
(First edition: Morrow, 1990)

Celtic fantasy novel, based on the Scottish ballad.
• Winner of a 1991 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel, and of a 1991 Mythopoeic Award.
• The publisher's site has this description, and an excerpt.
Green Man Review recently posted this review by Debbie Skolnik.
(Fri 18 Jun 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Matheson, Richard : A Stir of Echoes
(Tor 0-765-30871-1, $12.95, 223pp, trade paperback, July 2004)
(First edition: Lippincott, 1958)

Supernatural thriller about an experiment in hypnosis that awakens a man's psychic powers. It was the basis for the 1999 film starring Kevin Bacon.
• Tor issued a mass market movie tie-in edition in 1999; a year later, Gauntlet issued a $50 hardcover edition that included Matheson's original, unproduced, screenplay version. The Chiaroscuro has a review by Ray Wallace of the latter edition.
(Fri 2 Jul 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


McDevitt, Jack : A Talent for War
(Ace 0-441-01217-5, $7.99, 310pp, mass market paperback, July 2004, cover art Darrell K. Sweet)
(First edition: Ace, 1989)

New edition of McDevitt's second novel (following his 1986 debut The Hercules Text).
• It placed #12 in the 1990 Locus Poll for Best SF Novel.
• Steven H Silver has this review online.
(Fri 2 Jul 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Nicholson, William : The Wind Singer
(Hyperion Books for Children 0786818263, $7.99, 10+486pp, mass market paperback, June 2004, cover art Cliff Nielsen)
(First edition: UK: Egmont, 2000)

YA fantasy novel, first volume of the 'Wind on Fire' trilogy followed by Slaves of the Mastery (2001) and Firesong (2002), also just issued in matching mass market paperback editions (click on titles).
• Amazon's page for this earlier paperback edition has reviews from Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal.
• The publisher's page has a description and link to an excerpt.
(Tue 15 Jun 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


* Norton, Andre : Lost Lands of Witch World
(Tor 0-765-30052-4, $27.95, 445pp, hardcover, June 2004)

Hardcover omnibus edition of the fourth through sixth Witch World novels: Three Against the Witch World (1965), Warlock of the Witch World (1967), and Sorceress of the Witch World (1968). Introduction by Mercedes Lackey
• This follows Tor's 2001 omnibus The Gates to Witch World containing the first three novels -- Witch World (1963), a Hugo nominee; Web of the Witch World (1964), and Year of the Unicorn (1965) -- with an introduction by C.J. Cherryh.
(Fri 9 Jul 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Schmitz, James H. : The Witches of Karres
(Baen 0-7434-8837-7, $16, 294pp, hardcover, July 2004, cover art Kurt Miller)
(First edition: Chilton, 1966)

Hardcover edition of humorous SF novel about three girls with telepathic powers. This edition is edited by Eric Flint.
• It ranked in the top 50 All-Time SF Novels (published before 1990) in Locus Magazine's 1998 poll.
• Baen's site has this description with excerpts of the first four chapters.
• Coming in August from Baen is a sequel, The Wizard of Karres, by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint & Dave Freer.
(Fri 2 Jul 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Wylie, Philip : Gladiator
(University of Nebraska Press/Bison Books 0-8032-9840-4, $15.95, 8+332pp, trade paperback, 2004, cover illustration R.W. Boeche)
(First edition: Knopf, 1930)

SF novel about a young man endowed with enormous strength, due to an experiment by his father. It's regarded as the inspiration for the comic-book superhero Superman.
• Introduction by Janny Wurts.
• A review by Claude Lalumière was recently posted by SF Weekly; it calls it "a brave novel that unflinchingly portrays people at their ugliest and pettiest, all the while reflecting on the better worlds that could be were it not for humanity's relentless failings."
(Fri 2 Jul 2004) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense


Opening lines:
I tore down the Continental Shelf off the Bogue Bank while the pogo made periscope hops trying to track me. Endless plains of salt flats like the steppes of Central Russia (music by Borodin here); mounds of salts where the new breed of prospector was sieving for rare earths; towers of venomous vapors on the eastern horizon where the pumping stations were sucking up more of the Atlantic and extracting deuterium for energy transfer. Most of the fossil fuels were gone; the sea level had been lowered by two feet; progress.
Opening lines:
Bill never realized that sex was the cause of it all. If the sun that morning had not been burning so warmly in the brassy sky of Phigerinadon II, and if he had not glimpsed the sugar-white and wine-barrel-wide backside of Inga-Maria Calyphigia while she bathed in the stream, he might have paid more attention to his plowing than to the burning pressures of heterosexuality and would have driven his furrow to the far side of the hill before the seductive music sounded along the road. He might never have heard it, and his life would have been very, very different. But he did hear it and dropped the handles of the plow that was plugged into the robomule, turned, and gaped.

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