Same song, another verse

When the 2007 Hugo ballot was released, there was a hailstorm of commentary about the lack of women on the list. I’m not sure how much the situation has changed in the genre (not much, imho) but I think it’s interesting that a very similar controversy is swirling around the “legit” literature circles right now. Clearly, this keeps happening because women can’t write their collective way out of a damp ...Read More

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No one wants a pity Hugo

During the WSFS Business Meeting at Anticipation, blogger yonmei floated a proposal intended to get more women on the Hugo ballot. Yonmei’s plan, which has been called the “Joanna Russ Amendment” stated that, in the event of an all-male final ballot, the next highest woman would be moved up into the slate of nominees.*

The amendment didn’t pass — a good thing because it would have created more issues than
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