Kirkus Bought by NBA Pacers Owner

Kirkus was bought by shopping mall developer Herb Simon, who also owns the Indiana Pacers basketball team and co-owns independent bookstore Telecote Books in Montecito CA. Terms were not disclosed.

Simon’s business partner Marc Winkelman will become chief executive of the company, now called Kirkus Media. Elaine Szewczyk will remain editor and Eric Liebetrau managing editor, and Winkelman says no immediate changes to the print edition are planned.

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Kirkus Resurrected

According to memos by managing editor Eric Liebetrau, Kirkus Reviews is restarting publication, with “a buyer in the works” and the sale to be completed in the next two to three weeks. Nielsen Business Media announced late last year its plan to shut down both trade magazines Kirkus Reviews and Editor & Publisher, however the prognosis for the publications is much improved as of early 2010. Kirkus will publish a ...Read More

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Starlog Ceasing Print Publication announced the April 2009 print issue of Starlog magazine, #374, will be the last, at least for now, with issue #375 to be available in the future in digital format only. The magazine says it is a “temporary cessation of the current run of Starlog as a print magazine. After 33 years, and considering the present state of the economy, we feel its time for a major revamp and ...Read More

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Magazine Distribution Woes

Many magazines, including F&SF, are facing distribution problems. Editor Gordon Van Gelder recently posted on his blog that “There are upheavals going through the magazine distribution business right now and they’re going to affect F&SF. Specifically, copies that were distributed through Anderson News Corp. or Source Interlink might not be distributed right now.”

Those two distributors have instituted a 7-cent per copy surcharge for all the magazines they distribute. Publishers ...Read More

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Realms of Fantasy Closing

Realms of Fantasy will be shutting down operations after publication of the April 2009 issue, which is already at the printer. Managing editor Laura Cleveland told Locus she found out last night, saying, “I’m really upset by the whole thing.” She had hoped to get in touch with editor Shawna McCarthy, on vacation in Italy, and the writers and artists before the announcement was made public, but the news broke ...Read More

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F&SF Goes Bimonthly

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction is switching from a monthly to a bimonthly publishing schedule beginning with the April/May 2009 issue. Each installment will be 256 pages (16 pages more than current double-issues, nearly 100 pages more than current standard issues), except for a “jumbo” anniversary issue. Publisher and editor Gordon Van Gelder explains, “We’ve made the change because rising costs — especially postal costs — and the ...Read More

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