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Yes, I’m still stuck on Heinlein.

Two small things recently wandered across my field of vision, tunnel-like as it is with the start of classes:
1) io9’s Josh Wimmer talked about the Catcher in the Rye-ness of Stranger in a Strange Land. I mostly agree with him. You?
2) Does anyone know if there are Heinlein universe fan stories that use the same characters/settings? Any Friday/Kettlebelly Baldwin slash? Or is
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No one wants a pity Hugo

During the WSFS Business Meeting at Anticipation, blogger yonmei floated a proposal intended to get more women on the Hugo ballot. Yonmei’s plan, which has been called the “Joanna Russ Amendment” stated that, in the event of an all-male final ballot, the next highest woman would be moved up into the slate of nominees.*

The amendment didn’t pass — a good thing because it would have created more issues than
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