Photo Story: Rainforest Writers Retreat

The annual Rainforest Resort Village writers retreat, hosted by Patrick Swenson and Fairwood Press, took place at Lake Quinault WA with three sessions: Feb 22-26, 2023; March 1-5, 2023; and March 8-12, 2023. For more, see their website.


Session One (l to r) back: Camille Hansen, Darragh Metzger, Kathy Klein, Allie Tullis, Louise Marley, Daryl Gregory, Patrick Hurley; middle: Paul Carpentier, Chuck Walbridge, Leslie Rieger, Trista Steele, James Van Pelt, Brenda Cooper, Maura Glynn-Thami, Tracy Moore; front: Julie McGalliard, Jack Skillingstead, Nancy Kress, Diane Spahr, Debora Godfrey, Janka Hobbs, Rachel Luo. Not pictured: Barb Ferrer, Di Francis, Laura Staley, Cynthia Porter, Jayne Fury, Julianna Hinckley, Cristina Fernandes, Elizabeth Stephan, Mary-Kate Mackey
Session Two (l to r) back: Curtis Chen, Mindi Welton-Mitchell, Lauren Teffeau, Jeremy Robkin, Dale Smith, Rob McMonigal, Adam Foote, Jeff Soesbe, Chris East, Scott King; middle: Dane Spencer, Miriah Hetherington, Chuck Walbridge, Sara Mueller, Terri Burton, Lee Hallison, Kelly Lagor, Laura Anne Gilman, David Levine; front: Erica Satifka, Amanda Clark, Trace Yulie, Debora Godfrey, Sydney Burrell, Jami Fairleigh, Fran Wilde, Deann Partlow. Not pictured: Tod McCoy, Nikki Rossignol, Christy Henderson, Randy Henderson, Alan Burrell, Fonda Lee, Luke Elliott, Erik Grove
Session Three (l to r) back: Ward Vuillemot, Andrew Rosenberg, Ryan Riddell, Elle Van Hensbergen, Will James, Todd Lockwood, G.R. Theron, Dean Wells; middle: Chuck Walbridge, Cyrus Fisher, Colleen Anderson, Amanda Clark, Jacob Weisman, Margo Spronk, Remy Nakamura; front: Manjula Menon, Nancy Bell, Phoenix Bourgeois, Rachel Swirsky, KT Wagner, Debora Godfrey, Jaime Mayer, Kelly Froedel, Marit Hanson; kneeling: Sara Benfit, Cara Murray. Not pictured: Coral Moore, Genevieve Williams, Ariana Burns, PH Lee, Amy Thomson, Ray Snyder

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