Michael Reaves (1950-2023)

Author Michael Reaves, 72, died March 20, 2023 in Los Angeles CA. He had Parkinson’s.

James Michael Reaves was born September 14, 1950 in San Francisco CA. He attended the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop in 1972, and his first SF story was “The Breath of Dragons” in Clarion 3 (1973). Some early work appeared under the name J. Michael Reaves. Debut novel I, Alien appeared in 1978, and other novels include Dragonworld (1979) with Byron Preiss, The Shattered World (1984) and sequel The Burning Realm (1988), Hell on Earth (2001) and sequel Mr. Twilight (2013) with Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Street Magic (1991), Night Hunter (1995), and Voodoo Child (1998). He collaborated on Hellstar (1984), Dome (1987), The Omega Cage (1988), Thong the Barbarian Meets the Cycle Sluts of Saturn (1998), and The Dreadnaught (2011) with Steve Perry. He co-wrote YA fantasy InterWorld (2007) with Neil Gaiman; later installments in the series were written in collaboration with daughter Mallory Reaves.

Darkworld Detective (1982) is a collection of linked stories that mingle SF, fantasy, and mystery elements. Some of his short fiction was collected in The Night People (2005). He co-edited anthology Shadows Over Baker Street (2003) with John Pelan.

Reaves also wrote numerous tie-in books and stories (for Star Wars, DC Comics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and other properties) and contributed to shared world series including Time Machine. He was a writer and story editor for animated television series in the ’80s and ’90s, including Gargoyles and Batman: The Animated Series, and won an Emmy Award for his writing on the latter in 1993.

For more, see his entry in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.


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