Magazines Received – February

This list covers new SF/F/H print, online, and electronic periodicals (including regularly updated websites) seen by Locus magazine, focusing on those that publish fiction or reviews and criticism. To submit titles for listing on these pages, please send to Locus Publications, 655 13th St. #100, Oakland CA 94612 or email

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Trevor Quachri, ed.
  • Vol. 93 Nos. 3 & 4
  • March/April 2023 includes fiction by Carolyn Ives Gilman, Rajnar Vajra, Allen M. Steele, Robert R. Chase, Shane Tourtellotte, and others; non-fiction; poetry; reviews; etc. Cover by Shutterstock.

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

  • Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link, eds.
  • Issue No. 46
  • December 2022, $6.00, twice yearly, 60pp, 17½ x 21½ cm. Small‑press magazine with short fiction by Mark Rigney, Jennifer Skogen, Chris Kam­merud, and others; nonfiction; and poetry. Cover by Christine Larsen.

Reckoning: Our Beautiful Reward

  • Catherine Rockwood, ed.
  • Spring 2023, $10.00, special issue, 120pp, 15 x 23 cm.
  • Special issue on bodily autonomy with sto­ries by Dana Vickerson, Anna Orridge, Rimi, B. Chatterjee and others; and poetry. Cover by Mona Robles. Reckoning 7–Octavia Cade, Priya Chand, and Tim Fab-Eme, eds. Issue No. 7, Summer 2023, $15.00, twice yearly, 255pp. Small‑press magazine focusing on environmental justice with stories by Nadine Aurora Tabing, Tehnuka, C.G. Aubrey and others; and poetry. Cover by Elsie Andrewes.

Science Fiction Studies

  • Arthur B. Evans et al., eds.
  • Vol. 50, Part 1, No. 149, March 2023, $30.00, three times a year, 142pp, 15 x 23 cm. Academic journal.
  • This issue includes articles by Joseph Ren, Leah Faye Norris, Milan M. Ćirković, Donna T. Tong, and Julia Gatermann; as well as essay-length book reviews; reviews; and notes and correspondence.

Underland Arcana

  • Mark Teppo, ed.
  • Issue No. 9, Spring 2023, free online/$12.99 print/$2.99 digital, quarterly, 94pp, 12½ x 18 cm.
  • This issue includes short fiction from Fayaway & Her­mester Barrington, Kiya Nicoll, and others. Cover by Berit Kessler/

Weird Horror

  • Michael Kelly, ed.
  • No. 6, Spring 2023, $15.00 print/$6.00 digital, twice a year, 119pp, 17½ x 25 cm.
  • Dedicated to ‘‘pulpy dark fiction in the weird fiction and horror genres’’ with fiction from Orrin Grey, Alexandra Glass, Steve Rasnic Tem, and others; and book and film reviews. Cover by Asya Yordanova.

Online Magazines

Apex Magazine

  • Jason Sizemore & Lesley Con­ner, eds.
  • Issue #136, March 2023, digital free online or $4.99 per issue; bimonthly. SF/fantasy/horror magazine.
  • This issue includes fiction by Beth Dawkins, Lavie Tidhar, Claire Humphrey, Rich Larson, and others; interviews; and articles. Cover by Lenka Šimečková.


  • Dirk Strasser, ed.
  • No. 158, March 2023, $2.99, 10 times a year (every month except January and December).
  • This issue incudes fic­tion from Robinne Weiss, Patrick Axford, Robert Bagnall; non-fiction; and reviews. Subscriptions $19.99/year for ten issues from their website.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

  • Scott H. Andrews, ed.
  • Issue #376, February 23, 2023, free online, biweekly. Literary fantasy/adven­ture magazine with stories by M.H. Ayinde, Kelsey Hutton, and Aimee Ogden. Cover by Erin Costello.
  • Issue #377, March 9, 2023 includes stories by Stephanie Malia Morris, Pooja Peravali, and Kay Chronister. Cover by Erin Costello.


  • Neil Clarke, ed.
  • Issue #198, March 2023, free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly. SF/fantasy magazine with fiction from Bo Balder, Fiona Moore, Shih-Li Kow, Louise Hughes, Angela Liu, Shari Paul, Isabel J. Kim, and Jonathan Kincade; articles; and interviews. Cover by Alex Rommel.

The Dark

  • Clara Madrigano & Sean Wal­lace, eds.
  • Issue #94, March 2023, free online or digital avail­able for $1.99-$2.99, monthly. Dark fantasy and horror magazine.
  • This issue includes original stories by E.L. Chen and F. Brett Cox and reprints from Ray Cluley and Craig Laurance Gidney. Cover by Asya Yordanova.

The Deadlands

  • E. Catherine Tobler, ed.
  • Issue #23, March 2023, digital/free online, monthly, 32pp.
  • Specula­tive fiction magazine ‘‘that concerns itself with death – but also everything death may involve,’’ with fiction by Amal Singh; poetry; and non-fiction. Cover by Nekro.

Escape Artists

  • Four weekly podcasts: Escape Pod <> Val­erie Valdes & Mur Lafferty, eds. (SF); PodCastle <> Shingai Njeri Kagunda & Eleanor R. Wood, eds. (fantasy); PseudoPod <> Shawn Garrett & Alex Hofelich, eds. (horror); and Cast of Wonders <>
  • Katherine Inskip, ed. (YA).
  • Free online. Genre podcasts of both original and previously published stories with ac­companying text.

Fantasy Magazine

  • Christie Yant & Arley Sorg, eds.
  • Issue #89, March 2023, free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Fantasy magazine with stories from P.H. Low, Effie Seiberg, and others; an interview; author spotlights; and poetry. Cover by Yukari Mishima / Adobe Stock.

Flash Point SF

  • Thomas J. Griffin & M.A. Dosser eds.
  • February/March 2023, free online, biweekly. Flash fiction SF and fantasy site posting a new story every other Friday.
  • In February and March, the site posted short fiction by K.A. Honeywell, Madeline Seibel Dean, and others. Subscriptions: digital subscriptions available for $5.00 for one year at <flash­>.

Fusion Fragment

  • Cavan Terrill, ed.
  • Issue #15, January 2023, online pay-what-you-want or purchase a hardcover copy through Blurb, this issue $25.99 CAD (price varies by issue), irregular.
  • Online speculative fiction magazine with fiction from Oc­tavia Cade, Angela Liu, and Vanessa Fogg; and reviews. Cover by Kirsty Greenwood.

Heartlines Spec

  • Rebecca Bennett, et al., eds.
  • Issue #1, Winter 2023, digital/free online/$4.41 ebook, triannually, 87pp.
  • Premiere issue of a new online speculative fiction magazine focusing on stories of long-term relation­ships with stories by A.D. Sui, Filip Hajdar Drnovšck Zorko, Shih-Li Kow, and others; poetry, and non-fiction. Cover by Alice M.

Hexagon Magazine

  • JW Stebner, ed.
  • Issue #12, Spring 2023, digital/free online, quarterly, 35pp.
  • Speculative fiction magazine specializing in ‘‘…the weird, the wondrous, and the whimsical….’’ with fiction by Elou Carroll, Danny Cherry Jr., and Lyndsey Croal; and poetry. Cover by Sean Peacock.

Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts

  • Mailyn Abreu To­ribio, Cat Ashton, Novella Brooks de Vita, and Jude Wright, el al., eds.
  • Vol 33, No. 3, #115, 2022, $5.00 digital, triannually, 181 pp.
  • Scholarly, interdisciplinary, peer reviewed journal with various speeches (keynotes and GoH); a discussion from ICFA 42 and ICFA 43; an article; and review. Cover by Niko Chang.

Lightspeed Magazine

  • John Jo­seph Adams, ed.
  • Issue #154, March 2023, free online or $3.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Online SF/fantasy magazine with fiction by Daniel H. Wilson, Peter Watts, Oyedotun Damilola Muees, Benjamin Peek, and others; author spot­lights; and reviews. Cover by Joeprachatree / Adobe Stock.

Lost Colony

  • M.E. Pickett, ed.
  • Vol. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2023, $1.99 digital/free online, quarterly. ‘‘Mid-length’’ speculative fiction magazine publishing one story per issue. This issue’s piece is by Kevin P. Keating. Cover image by Stone36 via Shutterstock.


  • B. Morris Allen, ed.
  • April 2023, $7.00 print/$4.00 digital/free online, monthly. On­line and print speculative fiction magazine.
  • This issue includes original stories by Ben Wan, Dan Le Fever, and others. Cover by Gabriel Rosswell. New stories are posted online every Friday.


  • Donald S. Crankshaw & Kristin Janz, eds.
  • March/April 2023, free online or via Patreon.
  • Online magazine presenting stories that engage ‘‘meaningfully with Christianity…although not exclusively from a Christian perspective’’ with stories by T.R. Frazier, and Jamie M. Boyd. Cover by Andrew C. Stewart.

Nightmare Magazine

  • Wendy N. Wagner, ed.
  • Issue #126, March 2023, free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Horror/dark fantasy maga­zine with fiction by Kristina Ten, Dominica Phetteplace, and Wen-Yi Lee; poetry; author spotlights; an essay, and a media review.

Pulp Literature

  • Jen­nifer Landels, et al. eds.
  • No. 37, Winter 2023, C$14.99, quarterly, 214pp, 13½ x 20½ cm.
  • Canadian magazine dedicated to pulp literature. This issue includes fiction from Renée Sarojini Saklikar, J.M. Landels, Tom Jolly, and others; interviews, a graphic story, poetry, etc. Cover by Kristina Gehrmann.


  • Laura Friis, Greg West, and Sarah Dodd, eds.
  • February 2023, free, quarterly.
  • Speculative fiction magazine of, and about, translated fiction with work by Renan Bernardo, Ketty Steward (Christine Gutman, trans.), and Claudia Vaca (Brittany Hause, trans.) published in its original language and in English translation.

Strange Horizons

  • Gautam Bhatia, et al., eds.
  • February/March 2023, free, weekly.
  • Speculative fiction magazine with fiction by Kim Harbridge, Yume Kitasei, and others; poetry; and re­views. New issues are posted each Monday. Covers by Tahlia Day and Garden.

Tangent Online

  • Dave Truesdale, ed.
  • February/March 2023, free online.
  • Short fiction SF and fantasy review magazine, including reviews of genre maga­zines, online and electronic publications, and selected collections and anthologies; as well as articles and essays.

  • Tom Doherty, Irene Gallo, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, et al., eds.
  • February/March 2022, free online.
  • Macmil­lan house site publishing fiction and articles including original short fiction from A.C. Wise, a short story reprint by Wang Nuonuo (Rebecca F. Kuang, trans.), novel excerpts, rereads/rewatches of novels and television shows; an artist gallery; original reviews; articles and commentary; and interviews.

Uncanny Magazine

  • Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas, Chimedum Ohaegbu, and Monte Lin, eds.
  • Issue #51, March/April 2023, $3.99 digital only, bimonthly. Science fiction and fantasy magazine with fiction, non-fiction, interviews, and poetry.
  • This is­sue includes fiction by Charlie Jane Anders, Delilah S. Dawson, Ai Jiang, Sarah Pinsker, and others. Cover art by Nilah Magruder.

Worlds of Possibility

  • Julia Rios, ed.
  • February 2023, free online, bi­monthly.
  • Speculative fiction magazine with stories by P.A. Cornell, Annika Barranti Klein, and others. Cover by Lesia Korol.


  • Mark Bilsborough ed.
  • Issue #11, Winter 2023, £5.99 print UK/£5.99 + shipping print over­seas/£2.99 digital; bi-monthly; 88pp.
  • UK based SF magazine with fiction by Richard Stachan, Isabel Hinchliff, Chloe Smith, and others; and book reviews.

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