Magazines Received – September

This list covers new SF/F/H print, online, and electronic periodicals (including regularly updated websites) seen by Locus magazine, focusing on those that publish fiction or reviews and criticism. To submit titles for listing on these pages, please send to Locus Publications, 655 13th St. #100, Oakland CA 94612 or email


Conjunctions: 78, Fear Itself

  • Brad­ford Morrow, ed.
  • Issue No. 78, Fall 2021 $20.00 individuals/$30 institu­tions and internationally, biannual, 320pp.
  • Literary magazine with fic­tion, essays, and poetry. This issue explores the many aspects of fear with stories by Stephen Graham Jones, Jeffrey Ford, Joyce Carol Oates, Brian Evenson, and oth­ers; and poetry. Cover by Henry Glover. Subscription: $30.00 indi­viduals/$50.00 for institutions and non-US for two issues to Conjunc­tions, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504; website: <>; email: <>.

On Spec

  • Diane L. Walton, ed.
  • Vol. 32 No. 3, Whole No. 121
  • C$6.95, 2022, quarterly, 130pp, 13½ x 20 cm.
  • Canadian small‑press fiction maga­zine. This issue has stories by Karl Dandenell, Glenn Clifton, Rory Say, and others; interviews with cover artist Herman Lau and author Lorina Stephens; poetry and art. Cover by Herman Lau. Subscription: Print: C$24.00/C$30.00 US/C$45.00 overseas a year to On Spec, c/o Variant Edition Comics, 15129 Stony Plain Rd., Edmonton, AB T5P 3YT, Canada; digital subscriptions avail­able through Weightless, and others; website: <>.

Smith’s Monthly

  • Dean Wesley Smith
  • Issue #64, August 2022, $6.99 digital/$12.99 print, monthly, 144pp, 17½ x 25½ cm.
  • A magazine written entirely by Dean Wesley Smith. This issue features Poker Boy, and includes a five-story col­lection and Poker Boy’s origin novel; and four unrelated short stories. Subscription: Digital: $34.99 (six issues)/$64.99 (12 is­sues)/US print plus digital: $89.99 (six issues)/$179.99 (12 issues) available at <>; website: < >.

Weird Horror

  • Michael Kelly, ed.
  • No. 5, Fall 2022, $15.00 print/$6.00 digital, twice a year, 144pp, 17½ x 25 cm.
  • Dedicated to ‘‘pulpy dark fiction in the weird fiction and horror genres’’. This issue includes fiction from William Curnow, Oluwatomiwa Ajeigbe, and J.T. Bundy, and others; and book and film reviews. Cover by Barandash Karandashich. Subscrip­tion: $29.50 for two print issues from Undertow Publications; Website: <>.

Online Magazines

Abyss & Apex

  • Wendy S. Delmater, ed.
  • Issue #84, 4th Quarter 2022, free online; quarterly. Online speculative fiction magazine.
  • This issue includes stories by Gunnar De Winter, Nancy Hatch, S.J. Logan and Robert Allen Lupton; flash fiction, poetry, and small press reviews. Subscription: Unavailable.


  • Dirk Strasser, ed.
  • No. 155, October 2022
  • $2.99, 10 times a year (every month except January and Decem­ber). This issue incudes fiction from Baden M Chant, Greg Foyster, and Jared Millet; non-fiction by Mat­thew Nelson, Matthew Harrison, and Claire Fitzpatrick; and reviews. Subscriptions $19.99/year for ten issues from their website.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

  • Scott H. Andrews, ed.
  • Issue #365, September 22, 2022, free online, biweekly. Online fantasy/adventure magazine.
  • This issue includes origi­nal fiction by Adam R. Shannon (with accompanying podcast) and Euge­nia Triantafyllou (with accompanying podcast); and a reprint by Adam R. Shannon. Cover by Dominique van Velsen. Subscription: $23.99/year from Weightless Books <>.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

  • Scott H. Andrews, ed.
  • Issue #366, October 6, 2022, free online, bi­weekly. Online fantasy/adventure magazine.
  • This is a 14th anniversary double-issue with original fiction by James Morrow (with accompanying podcast), K.J. Parker (with accom­panying podcast), Y.M. Pang, and Jennifer DeLeskie; and a reprint from T.S. McAdams. Cover by Oliver Beck. Subscription: $23.99/year from Weightless Books <>.

Black Cat Weekly

  • John Betancourt, ed.
  • Issue #56, $3.99, weekly.
  • Weekly re­printed SF and mystery/suspense/adventure magazine. This issue includes four science fiction or fan­tasy stories by Charlie Jane Anders, Phyllis Ann Karr, Murray Leinster, and Theodore Sturgeon; and a novel by George O. Smith; as well as four mystery, suspense, or adventure stories; and a short novel. Subscrip­tions: $3.99/month or $19.99/year (subscriptions include electronic copies of Wildside Press’s other magazines).

Black Cat Weekly

  • John Betancourt, ed.
  • Issue #57, $3.99, weekly. Weekly reprinted SF and mystery magazine.
  • This is­sue includes five science fiction or fantasy stories by Damon Knight, Frederik Pohl, and others; and a novel by Crittenden Marriott; as well as three mystery, suspense, or adventure short stories, a novella, and a novel. Subscriptions: $3.99/month or $19.99/year (subscriptions include electronic copies of Wildside Press’s other magazines).


  • Neil Clarke, ed.
  • Issue  #193, October 2022, free on­line or $2.99 ebook, monthly. Online SF/fantasy magazine.
  • This issue includes original fiction by Fiona Moore, Lavie Tidhar (with accompa­nying podcast), Thomas Ha, Greg­ory Feeley, Elaine Gao, M.L. Clark, and Jared Oliver Adams; reprints from Alan Kubatiev (Alex Shvarts­man, trans.) and Chu Shifan (Stella Jiayue Zhu, trans.); an article by Julie Nováková; and interviews with Marie Vibbert and Aleksandra (Ola) Hill, Kanika Agrawal, and Rowan Morrison. Cover by Daniel Conway. Subscription: Digital subscription $35.88 for 12 issues at clarkes­ or issues may be purchased monthly: $2.99 digital/$10.00 print ($14.00 Canada & Europe)/$12.99 print + digital ($16.99 Canada & Europe). Also available from third-party sellers.

Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores

  • Fran Eisemann, ed.
  • Sep­tember/October 2022, free online. Online genre fiction magazine; content (generally one illustrated story per month, plus occasional interviews and articles) is posted throughout the month.
  • In September and October, the site posted stories by Steve Oden and others. Subscrip­tions $12.00/year.

The Dark

  • Clara Madrigano & Sean Wal­lace, eds.
  • Issue #89, October 2022, free online or digital available for $1.99-$2.99, monthly.
  • Dark fan­tasy and horror magazine. This issue includes original fiction by Margot McGovern, Alison Littlewood, Bibi Osha, and Lisa Cai. Cover by Mi­chael Camarra. Subscription: digital subscriptions available for $23.88 for 12 issues from Weightless Books <>. Is­sues can be purchased at a monthly subscription rate from at $1.99/month or £1.99/month via; or as single copies at $2.99 from Apple, B&N, Kobo, and Weightless.

Escape Artists

  • Four weekly podcasts: Escape Pod <> Valerie Valdes & Mur Laffery, eds. (SF), PodCastle <> Shingai Njeri Kagunda & Eleanor R. Wood, eds. (fantasy), PseudoPod <> Shawn Garrett & Alex Hofelich, eds. (horror), and Cast of Wonders <> Kath­erine Inskip, ed. (YA).
  • Free online. Genre podcasts of both original and previously published stories with accompanying text.
  • For Sep­tember and October, Escape Pod aired stories including those from Amal Singh, Brian Hugenbruch, and Adriana Kantcheva; PodCastle aired stories by authors including Rati Mehrotra, Kelly Sandoval, and L.P. Kindred; PseudoPod aired stories from authors including Todd Keisling, Kathryn McMahon, and Eris Young; and Cast of Wonders aired stories by Monte Lin, Innocent Chizaram Ilo, Matt Tighe and Riley Neither, Abhilash Jayachandra, Sally Sultzman, Y.M. Resnik, and E.J. Delaney. Subscriptions: Free.

Fantasy Magazine

  • Christie Yant & Arley Sorg, eds.
  • Issue #84, October 2022, free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly. Online Fantasy magazine.
  • This issue includes original flash fiction by Avi Burton and Stephen M.A.; short fiction by Aigner Loren Wilson and Kelsey Hutton; an essay by Yvette Lisa Ndlovu; and poetry. On the website, each month’s con­tents are serialized throughout the month, with new features published on the first four Tuesdays. The ebook edition is available on the first of the month. Cover by chainat/ Adobe Stock Image. Subscription: $2.99/month via or $23.88 for 12 issues from Fantasy <­tions/> or Weightless Books <>.Fantasy <­tions/> or Weightless Books <>.

Fiyah: Magazine of Black Specu­lative Fiction 

  • DaVaun Sanders, ed.
  • Issue #24, Fall 2022, $3.99, digital only, quarterly, 124pp. Literary Black speculative fiction magazine that ‘‘features stories by and about people of the African Diaspora.’’
  • This issue’s theme is ‘‘Horrors & Haunt­ings,’’ and includes stories from Gnesis Villar, Eden Royce, Cheryl S. Ntumy, Tobi Ogundiran, Aimee Campbell, and Amanda Helms; and poetry. Cover by N’kai DeLauter. Subscription: digital subscriptions available for $15.99 for four issues at <>.

Fusion Fragment 

  • Cavan Terrill, ed.
  • Issue #13, September 2022, online pay-what-you-want or purchase a hardcover copy through Blurb, this issue $27.99 CAD (price varies by is­sue), irregular, 124 pp, 21½ x 28 cm. Online speculative fiction magazine.
  • This issue includes original work and a short Q&A with the author by Maria Dong, Jennifer R. Donohue, Rachel Meresman, and others, a reprinted work by Christi Nogle; and a non-fic­tion article by M.A. Blanchard. Cover by Tyrelle Smith. Subscription: available through Patreon <>.


  • Fred Coppersmith, ed.
  • Au­tumn 2022, free online, quarterly. Online speculative fiction magazine with science fiction, fantasy, and hor­ror.
  • This issue has 20 original flash fiction stories by Tom Gammarino, Mary E. Lowd, Bo Balder, Robert Jeschonek, and others. Cover by Catalina Parra. Subscription: Un­available.

Lightspeed Magazine

  • John Joseph Adams, ed.
  • Issue #149, Oc­tober 2022, free online or $3.99 ebook, monthly. Online SF/fantasy magazine.
  • This issue includes origi­nal science fiction by Gene Doucette and Adam-Troy Castro, original SF flash fiction by PH Lee, and reprinted SF by Dexter Palmer; original fan­tasy from Suzan Palumbo and Debbie Urbanski, original fantasy flash by Alexandra Manglis, and reprinted fantasy by Sofia Samatar; and book reviews. On the website, each month’s contents are serial­ized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Tuesdays. The ebook edition is available on the first of the month with exclusive content not avail­able on the website. This month’s exclusive paid content is an excerpt from a novel by Elijah Kinch Spec­tor. Cover by Grandfailure / Adobe Stock Image. Subscription: $2.99/ month via or $35.88/year from Lightspeed <www.light­> or Weightless Books <www.weight­>.


  • B. Morris Allen, ed.
  • Novem­ber 2022, $7.00 print/$4.00 digital/free online, monthly. Online and print speculative fiction magazine.
  • This issue includes original stories by Gordon Grice, Joshua Grasso, A.D. Guzman, and Michael Gardner. New stories are posted online every Friday. Cover by Carol Wellart. Digi­tal subscriptions available at $3.00/month through Patreon <>. Single issues available from and IngramSpark.

Nightmare Magazine

  • Wendy N. Wagner, ed.
  • Issue #121, October 2022, free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly. Online horror/dark fantasy magazine publishing both original and reprinted fiction as well as po­etry.
  • This issue includes fiction by A.C. Wise and Spencer Ellsworth; flash fiction by Carlie St. George; an essay by Raja Abu Kasm; and book reviews and poetry. On the website, each month’s contents are serialized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Wednesdays. This month’s exclusive paid content is an excerpt from a novel by Kay Chronister. Cover by Ddraw / Adobe Stock. Subscription: $1.99/monthly from Amazon or $23.88/year from Night­mare or Weightless Books <>.

Strange Horizons

  • Gautam Bhatia, et al., eds.
  • September/October 2022, free, weekly. Online speculative fiction magazine publishing fic­tion, poetry, essays, reviews, and interviews. New issues are posted each Monday.
  • In September and October, the site posted short fic­tion (with accompanying podcasts) by Mary Maxfield, Jay Jellicoe, and R.S.A. Garcia; non-fiction by Emma Johanna Puranen, Carina Brand, Mason Wong, and Maria Haskins; interviews with Chen Qiufan and the London Science Fiction Research Community; weekly poetry (with ac­companying podcasts); and reviews. Covers by Tahlia Day and Maria Carvalho. Subscription: unavail­able.

Tangent Online

  • Dave Truesdale, ed.
  • Sep­tember/October 2022, free online. Long-running (since the 1970s), award-winning, short fiction SF and fantasy review magazine, includ­ing reviews of SF & F magazines, online and electronic publications, and selected collections and an­thologies; as well as articles and essays.
  • In September/October, the site posted fiction reviews for sto­ries appearing in Asimov’s, Analog, F&SF, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and many other magazines; etc. Subscriptions: unavailable.

  • Tom Doherty, Irene Gallo, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, et al., eds.
  • September/Oc­tober 2022, free online. Macmillan publishing house site specializing in genre fiction. Each month publishes free fiction and articles in­cluding original works, reprints, nov­el excerpts, and comics; rereads/rewatches of novels and television shows; an artist gallery; original reviews; articles and commentary; interviews; as well as providing a forum for the genre community. New material is posted throughout the month.
  • September’s and Octo­ber’s posts include novel excerpts from books by C.L. Polk, Brandon Sanderson, Desideria Mesa, Mark Oshiro, Olesya Salnikova Gilmore, Veronica Roth, Ruth Emmie Lang, Andy Davidson, Ethan Chatagnier, and Sim Kern; and original fiction by Rich Larson and PH Lee.

Underland Arcana

  • Mark Teppo, ed.
  • Issue No. 8, Fall 2022, free online/$12.99 print/$2.99 digital, quarterly.
  • This issue includes short fiction from Christi Nogle, Brandon H. Bell, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, and others. Cover by cranach. Subscription: $3.00 per digital is­sue/$10.00 per print + digital issue via Patreon at <>; website: <>.

Worlds of Possibility

  • Julia Rios, ed.
  • October 2022, stories available free online, bimonthly. Online speculative fiction magazine, the contents are released free online (including the audio ver­sions) one at a time. The ebook ver­sion is available only to subscribers.
  • This issue includes original fiction by Pedro Iniguez, Y.M. Resnik, Eden Royce, and others; and an interview with featured author Cody Jimenez. Subscription: $33.00 for one-year digital access from <>; or through Patreon at <>.

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