Dorothy J. Heydt (1942-2022)

SF writer Dorothy J. Heydt, 80, died June 28, 2022.

Heydt was the author of novels The Interior Life (1990, as Katherine Blake) and A Point of Honor (1998), and published over 30 stories. The Witch of Syracuse (2017) collects her stories in the Cynthia, Daughter of Euelpides series, and Stories You Never Heard Of (2020) gathers several out-of-print tales.

Dorothy Jones Heydt was born June 6, 1942, and lived on the West Coast. She was well known in SF fandom, was an active participant in early online discussion boards, and was the first editor of the Star Trek Concordance in 1968, later expanded and published commercially by Bjo Trimble. Heydt was a linguist, and invented a language for the Vulcans from Star Trek in 1967 for use in fan fiction; terms she invented are still used in the official series today. She was also active in the early days of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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