Barbara Haldeman (1952-2022)

Barbara Haldeman, 69, who wrote as Barbara Delaplace, died July 7, 2022.

She was a prolific author of short fiction, starting with “Legends Never Die” in 1991 and producing at least 25 stories, among them “Modern Mansions”, a Homer Award finalist in 1994. She collaborated with Mike Resnick on “Trading Up” (1992) and with her husband Jack C. Haldeman II on “That’ll Be the Day” (1996).

Barbara Mona Delaplace Haldeman was born was born August 2, 1952 in Vancouver, Canada, and attended the University of British Columbia, graduating in 1976. She was married to first husband Michaei Delaplace from 1976-1980, and worked as a lab technician from 1982-1994. She relocated to Florida when she married Haldeman in 1995; he predeceased her in 2002.

For more, see the Facebook post by her brother-in-law, author Joe Haldeman.

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