Cover Reveal: Arboreality by Rebecca Campbell

Today’s cover reveal is from Stelliform Press for Arboreality by Rebecca Campbell: a gorgeous and surreal cover for this novella expansion of the Sturgeon Award winning short story “An Important Failure”. Check out the trailer below!

Cover Reveal for ARBOREALITY
Cover by Rachel Yu Lobbenberg

About the Book

“A beautifully built, slow, careful story… a wonderful read.” —Charles Payseur

“A deeply affecting meditation on loss, creation, and hope.” —Gary K Wolfe

A professor in pandemic isolation rescues books from the flooded and collapsing McPherson Library. A man plants fireweed on the hillside of his depopulated Vancouver Island suburb. An aspiring luthier poaches the last ancient Sitka spruce to make a violin for a child prodigy. Campbell’s astonishing vision pulls the echoing effects of small acts and intimate moments through this multi-generational and interconnected story of how a West coast community survives the ravages of climate change.

About the Author

Rebecca Campbell is a Canadian writer of weird stories and climate change fiction. She won the Sunburst award for short fiction in 2020 for “The Fourth Trimester is the Strangest” and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award in 2021 for “An Important Failure.” NeWest Press published her first novel, The Paradise Engine, in 2013.




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