Sergey Dyachenko (1945-2022)

Russian-Ukrainian SF writer Sergey Dyachenko, 77, died May 5, 2022 in California. Dyachenko was best known for co-authoring over 30 titles with his wife, Marina Dyachenko (née Shirshova), notably Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire winner Vita Nostra (2007), translated into English in 2018.

Sergey Sergeyevich Dyachenko was born  April 14, 1945 in Kyiv, Ukraine, then part of the USSR. He earned a master’s in biology, then a medical degree, and worked as a psychiatrist. He also attended film school, and authored many screenplays. Dyachenko lived with his wife in Russia, later relocating to the US, where they settled in Marina Del Rey CA.

His first book with Marina was The Gate-Keeper (1994). Their other titles include The Scar (1996), The Ritual (1996), Age of the Witch (1997), The Cave (1998), Burned Tower (1998), The Frontier (1999), The Execution (1999), Armaged-Home (1999), The Green Card (2000), Magicians Can Do Anything (2001), Valley of the Conscience (2002), Pandem (2003), Varan (2004), The Copper King (2008), The Pentacle (2005), Wild Energy (2006), The Key of the Kingdom (2006), Oberon’s Word (2006), Alena and Aspirin (2006), Evil Has No Power (2008),  Digital (2009), Migrant (2010), and Possessed (2011). Their books were honored with numerous awards in Europe, and have been translated internationally.

He is survived by his wife, Marina.

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