2022 Xingyun Awards Finalists

Finalists for the 13th annual Xingyun Awards for Chinese science fiction were announced by the World Chinese Science Fiction Association.

Best Novel

  • Reset, Qidaojun (Qingdao)
  • The New New Newspaper Press: Shadow of the Enchanted Metropolis, Liang Qingsan (New Star)
  • Travel with My Dear Android, A Que (Aviation Industry)
  • The Times of Great Antiquity,  Su Xuejun (China Broadcast, Film & Television Publishing House)
  • Secrets of the Lost Town,  Qi Yue (People’s Literature)

Best Novella *

  • “The Eye of Saishiteng”, Wanxiang Fengnian (The Eye of Saishiteng: A Collection of the 4th Lenghu Award Winning Stories)
  • “The Candle Shadow Killer”, Zhao Lei (Non-Existing SF WeChat Account 10/21)
  • “The Silence of Ever-Peace”,  Liang Qingsan (The Silence of Ever-Peace)
  • Alea Iacta Est, Xiao Xinghan (Baihua Literary & Art)
  • “A Letter to the Other World”, Wang Yuan (Nebula XI: A Letter to the Other World)

Best Short Story

  • “2039: The Era of Brain-Computer Interface” (Science Fiction World 11/21)
  • “Sky Towards”, Wanxiang Fengnian (Galaxy’s Edge 008: Sky Towards)
  • “The Man Who Fought against Time”, Pan Haitian (The Eye of Saishiteng: A Collection of the 4th Lenghu Award Winning Stories)
  • “Lunar Bank”, Liang Ling (Lunar Bank)
  • “Hummingbirds were Stopping over Honeysuckle Flowers”, Yang Wanqing (Science Fiction World 4/21)

Best Non-Fiction

  • “Chronicles of Collegiate SF Societies: In Search of Lost Memories of the Early SF Communities”, He Liu (GCores.com 10/21)
  • Modernity and the Unknown: Research on Late Qing Science Fiction, Jia Liyuan (Peking University)
  • “Science Fiction as Method: Parallel Universes Crossed”, Song Mingwei (Foreign Literature & Arts 6/21)
  • “Workshop Report on ‘Sci-Fi China: Avatars, Aliens & Anthropos’”, Regina Kanyu Wang (42 History WeChat Account 4/21)
  • A Study of Beijing SF Gaming Industry, Liu Yukun & Yao Lifen (Beijing SF Industry Development Research)

Best Translated Fiction

  • Inherit the Stars, James P. Hogan, translated by Qiu Chunhui (New Star)
  • Solaris, Stanisław Lem, translated by Jing Zhenzhong (Yilin)
  • Zima Blue and Other Stories, Alastair Reynolds, translated by Chen Qiufan, Liu Huiying (Hunan Literature & Art)
  • Star Maker, Olaf Stapledon, translated by Baoshu (Sichuan Science and Technology)
  • Project Hail Mary, Andy Weir, translated by Geng Hui (Yilin)

Best New Writer

  • Lu Ban
  • Fenxing Chengzi
  • Tian Rui Shuo Fu
  • Wei Mo
  • Liu Qi

Best Review

  • “The Person who Forgot Worries”, Li Guangyi (Dushu, 2/21)
  • “Retro-futurism and Steampunk: The Postmodernist Parody in The Difference Engine”, Lyu Guangzhao (Inquiry and Criticism, No. 4)
  • “Conversations on Chinese Feminist Science Fiction Literature”, Yao Haijun, Zhao Haihong & Cheng Jingbo (She – A Collection of the Classic Works of Chinese Female Science Fiction Writers)
  • “What do We Expect When We Read Fantastic Literature? Notes on Reading Sunlight Trilogy”, Regina Kanyu Wang (New Star Press WeChat Account 9/21)
  • “The Love for Science Fiction, the Profoundness of Meditation: A Review of Meditations on Chinese Science Fiction Literature: Wu Yan’s Self-selected Academic Works”, Guo Wei (Popular Science Times 1/21)

Winners will be announced at the Xingyun Weekend in November 2022.

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