SFWA to Change Name

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is changing its name to The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. The Board of Directors says,

Last November, the SFWA Board of Directors voted to file a new name for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc., to do business as: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association.

Once the filing is complete, which we expect to be in late spring, our nonprofit organization will adopt that name for most purposes. We know this is a big change, especially for some of our long-term members and we’d like to assure you that the decision was contemplated for quite some time.

In addition to finding ways for SFWA to be more inclusive, many of our international members lobbied the Board to point out that having “of America” in our name needlessly excluded them. Over a quarter of the 2100+ members we serve both live and work in non-US countries and territories. Changing our name is not only a part of the natural progression of our organization, but one that recognizes that SFWA has grown beyond a once US-centric focus.

They conclude that “SFWA will still be SFWA, but it’ll more clearly be open to more creators of science fiction and fantasy no matter what country they call home and what new dimensions and worlds they can imagine.”

The non-profit organization will retain the corporate name Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc., but they have filed to do business under the new name. Keeping the old corporate name “does not require the monumental effort to change our incorporation status and bylaws with California or within the IRS. Doing business as the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association will still allow us to comply with fundraising laws across all United States, and territories.”

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