J. Brian Clarke (1928-2022)

SF writer J. Brian Clarke, 93, died January 17, 2022.

James Brian Clarke was born May 23, 1928 in Birmingham, England, but spent most of his life in Canada. He began publishing genre work with “Artifact” in Analog in June 1969, where he continued to publish stories for the rest of his career. Debut novel Expediter (1990) includes material first published there, as does second book Alphanauts (2006), winner of the first A.E. Van Vogt Award. Story “Flaw on Serendip” was a finalist for the Aurora Award in 1990.

Clarke was a fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, and was once president of the Calgary Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

For more, see Robert J. Sawyer’s tribute, and Clarke’s entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

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