Ron Weighell (1950-2020)

Author RON WEIGHELL, 70, died December 24, 2020, a few weeks after suffering a stroke. Born 1950, Weighell began publishing genre fic­tion in 1986, with stories appearing in magazines and anthologies, including year’s best volumes. Most of his work was supernatural horror, and his major inspirations include M.R. James and Arthur Machen. Some of his short fiction is collected in The Greater Arcana (1994), The White Road (1997), The Irregular Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (2000), Tarshishim (2011), and Summon­ings (2014). Anthology Pagan Triptych (2016) includes one of his stories along with pieces by John Howard and Mark Valentine. Weighell also wrote occasional essays and reviews. He lived in Horndean, Hampshire, England with his wife Fran, who survives him.

This obituary is found in the August 2021 issue of Locus.

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