Judi B. Castro (1963-2021)

Author and fan JUDI B. CASTRO, 58, died July 15, 2021 following a brief illness. Judi Beth Goodman was born February 4, 1963 in Miami FL, and attended Florida State Uni­versity. Castro contributed to collaborative hoax novel Atlanta Nights (2005), a deliberately bad book created to expose a purported ‘‘traditional publisher’’ as a vanity press and later published under the name Travis Tea, with proceeds going to the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund. She also co-wrote story ‘‘Unfamiliar Gods’’ (2017) with her husband Adam-Troy Castro, married in 2002; he survives her. She was active in Florida fandom, a member and former officer of the South Florida Science Fiction Society, and chaired Tropicon XVI in 1997.

This obituary is found in the August 2021 issue of Locus.

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