Carol Carr (1938-2021)

Author Carol Carr, 82, died September 1, 2021 of lung cancer. Carr was the author of several short stories, widow of author and editor Terry Carr, and wife of author Robert Lichtman, who survives her.

Carr began publishing short fiction with “Look, You Think You’ve Got Troubles” in Orbit 5 (1969), and her work also appeared in F&SF and Omni. She collaborated with Terry Carr on “Some Are Born Cats” (1973) and with Karen Haber on “First Contact, Sort Of” (1995). Her stories and some non-fiction were collected in Carol Carr: The Collected Writings (2013).

Carol Newmark was born November 8, 1938 in Brooklyn NY. An early marriage to Jack Stuart ended in the 1950s. She attended Brooklyn College, and became involved in fandom in the early ’60s. She relocated to California in the early ’70s, settling in the East Bay. She was married to Terry Carr from 1961 until his death in 1987, and she married Lichtman in 2000.

A full obituary and appreciations to appear in the October issue of Locus.

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