C. Dean Andersson (1946-2021)

Author C. Dean Andersson, 75, died in his sleep July 5, 2021 in Dallas TX after a long illness.

Cloyce Dean Andersson was born March 20, 1946 in in Little River KS, and earned degrees from Northern Arizona University and the University of North Texas. He worked in robotics, as a programmer, and as a technical writer, and was a veteran of the US Air Force.

Andersson began publishing with Crimson Kisses (1981) and The Lair of Ancient Dreams (1982) under the name Asa Drake. His Bloodsong fantasy series is Warrior Witch of Hel (1985), Death Riders of Hel (1986), and Werebeasts of Hel (1986), originally published as Drake but later released under his own name. He also wrote horror novels, including Torture Tomb (1987), Raw Pain Max (1988), Fiend (1994), Buried Screams (1992), I Am Dracula (1993), and I Am Frankenstein (1996). He wrote many short stories for anthologies and horror magazines, and “The Death Wagon Rolls On By” (2007) was a Stoker Award finalist.

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