Magazines Received, July 2021

Mark Kelly’s regular Periodicals posts have been discontinued. We will list online and print magazines seen by Locus each month.

This page lists new SF/F/H print, online, and electronic periodicals (including regularly updated websites) seen by Locus magazine, focusing on those that publish fiction or reviews and criticism.To submit titles for listing on these pages, please send to Locus Publications, 655 13th St. #100, Oakland CA 94612 or email

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Trevor Quachri, ed.
  • Vol. 91 Nos. 7 & 8, July/Au­gust 2021
  • $7.99, bimonthly, 208pp, 15 x 21½ cm.
  • This issue includes a novella by Marie Vibbert; novelettes by Rosemary Claire Smith, C. Stuart Hardwick, and Joe McDermott; short stories by Brenda Kalt, Leonard Richardson, Tom Jolly, Edd Vick & Manny Frishberg, James C. Glass, Alan K. Baker, Frank Wu, Audrey Ference, and Raymund Eich; flash fic­tion by Juliet Kemp and Herb Kauderer; a science article by Richard A. Lovett; a special feature by Edward M. Wysocki, Jr.; an interview with Katie Mack; poetry; reviews, etc. Cover by Tomislav Tikulin.

Asimov’s Science Fiction

  • Sheila Wil­liams, ed.
  • Vol. 45 Nos. 7 & 8, Whole Numbers 546 & 547, July/August 2021
  • $7.99, bimonthly, 208pp, 15 x 21½ cm.
  • This issue includes a novella by Jay O’Connell; novelettes by Gregory Nor­man Bossert, Will McIntosh, L.X. Beckett, Megan Lindholm, Gregory Feeley, and Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling; short stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Fran Wilde, Michael Swanwick, and Taimur Ahmad; columns by Robert Silverberg and James Patrick Kelly; poetry; reviews, etc. Cover by

Dreams & Nightmares

  • David C. Kopas­ka-Merkel, ed.
  • No. 118, May 2021
  • $5.00, irregular, 24pp, 14 x 21 cm.
  • Magazine of fantastic and speculative poetry, with work by Andrew Darlington, Mary Soon Lee, Jane Yolen, and others. Cover by Allen K. Subscription: $25.00 US/$30 outside North America for six issues, to David C. Kopaska-Merkel, 1300 Kicker Rd., Tuscaloosa AL 35404. Make checks out to David C. Kopaska-Merkel. Email:

Galaxy’s Edge

  • Lezli Robyn, ed.
  • Issue #51, July 2021
  • $7.99 print/$4.99 digital; bimonthly, 101pp, 19 x 24½ cm.
  • Online and print SF magazine with a mixture of original and reprinted fiction, reviews, and columns. This issue includes fiction by Carolyn Ives Gilman, Brian Trent, Mike Resnick, and oth­ers; an interview with Seanan McGuire; the next chapter in the serialization of Over the Wine-Dark Sea by Harry Turtledove; col­umns by Gregory Benford and L. Penelope; and reviews. Subscription: $19.99/digital for six issues from or Amazon; $37.74 for six print issues to Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick, PO Box 10339, Rockville MD 20849-0339.


  • Andy Cox, ed.
  • Issue Nos. 290-291, November/December 2020
  • £11.99, bimonthly, 192pp, 17 x 24 cm.
  • British SF/F magazine. Special double issue with a guest editorial by Lavie Tidhar; stories by Alexander Glass, Tim Major, Lyle Hop­wood, Daniel Bennett, Cécile Cristofari, Matt Thompson, John Possidente, Lavie Tidhar, and Shauna O’Meara; and reviews. Cover by Vincent Sammy. Subscription: UK £26.00/ £30.00 overseas for four issues to TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, UK; email: <>.

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

  • Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link, eds.
  • Issue No. 43, June 2021
  • $6.00, twice yearly, 64pp, 17½ x 21½ cm.
  • Small‑press magazine with fiction poetry, and essays. This issue has short fiction by Alisa Alering, Leah Bobet, Kathleen Jennings, and others; nonfic­tion by Ayşe Papatya Bucak, and Nicole Kimberling; and poetry. Subscription: four issues for $24.00 to Small Beer Press, 150 Pleasant St., #306, Easthampton MA 01027; email:<>.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fic­tion

  • Sheree Renée Thomas, ed.
  • Vol. 141 No. 1 & 2, Whole No. 756, July/August 2021
  • $9.99, bimonthly, 260pp, 13 x 19½ cm.
  • This issue includes novelettes by Lauren Ring, L.X. Beckett, and Chimedum Ohaegbu; short stories by Rob Costello, Michael Swanwick, Yukimi Ogawa, Bo Balder, Phoenix Alexander, Lish Lacey Liscoumb. Priya Chand, S. Cameron David, Paula Keane, Maia Brown-Jackson, Rowan Wren, and Tato Navarrete Díaz; articles by Arley Sorg and Jerry Oltion; poetry; reviews, etc. Cover by Alan M. Clark.

On Spec

  • Diane L. Walton, ed.
  • Vol. 31 No. 2, Whole No. 116
  • C$6.95, 2021, quar­terly, 114pp, 13½ x 20½ cm.
  • Canadian small‑press fiction magazine. This issue has stories by Julia August, Jakob Drud, Lisa Gregoire, and others; an interview with Robert Runté; an article on the art of James Beveridge; poetry; cartoons, art, etc. Cover by James Beveridge. Subscription: Print: C$24.00/C$30.00 US/C$45.00 overseas a year to On Spec, c/o Variant Edition Comics, 10132 151 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 1T4, Canada; digi­tal subscriptions available through Weight­less, Kobo, and Variant Edition Comics and Culture.


  • Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
  • Issue No. 12, June 2021,
  • $12.99 print/$6.99 digital, quarterly, 204pp, 17½ x 25½ cm.
  • This issue includes 21 pieces of short fiction, including stories from Lee Allred, Ray Vukcevich, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and others; and a one page graphic story from J. Steven York. Cover by grandfailure/Depositphotos. Subscription: six issues for $69.99 print/$34.99 digital, available at <>.

Pulp Literature

  • Jennifer Landels, et al. eds.
  • No. 30, Spring 2021
  • C$14.99, quar­terly, 222pp, 13½ x 20½ cm.
  • Canadian small‑press fiction magazine dedicated to all types of pulp literature with substantial genre content. This issue includes stories by Robert Silverberg, Michelle F. God­dard, Claire Lawrence, and others; poetry; etc. Cover by Weiwei Xu. Subscription: C$50.00 Canada/$C70.00 continental USA/C$86.00 elsewhere for four print issues to Pulp Literarure Press, 21955 16 Ave., Langley BC, V2Z 1K5, Canada; $C17.99 for digital.

Smith’s Monthly

  • Dean Wesley Smith
  • Is­sue #50, June 2021
  • $6.99 digital/$12.99 print, monthly, 168pp, 17½ x 25½ cm.
  • A magazine written entirely by Dean Wesley Smith with five short stories; a full novel, The First Year; and part two of the seri­alization of Stories from July. Subscrip­tion: Digital: $29.99 (six issues)/$49.99 (12 issues)/US print plus digital: $59.99 (six issues)/$99.99(12 issues)/Outside the US print plus digital: $99.99 (six issues)/$199.99 (12 issues) at <>.


  • Jon Padgett, ed.
  • Vol. 4, Issue 1, Spring 2021
  • $20.00 print/$4.95 digital; tri-annually, 276pp, 15 x 23cm.
  • Vastarien is “A source of critical study and creative re­sponse to the corpus of Thomas Ligotti as well as associated authors and ideas.” This a special double issue and includes stories by Simon Strantzas, Christina Ladd, Vajra Chandrasekera, and others; articles by Shawn Chang and E.F. Schraeder; and poetry. Cover by Danielle Hark. Subscrip­tion: $60.00 for three print issues world­wide/$13.50 for digital (pdf or epub) from Grimscribe Press <> or through Patreon <>.


  • Doug Draa, ed.
  • Vol. 2, #14, #44, June 2021
  • $13.00 print, quarterly, 180pp, 15 x 23 cm.
  • Dark fantasy magazine with short fiction from Adrian Cole, Kyla Lee Ward, Franklyn Searright, and others; and poetry. Cover by Fotolia. Subscription: 39.99 for four issues at <>.

Online Magazines

Alien Dimensions

  • Neil A. Hogan, ed.
  • Issue #20-#21, 2021
  • $2.99 digital/$7.95 print, 105pp, 15 x 22 1/2cm.
  • Genre fiction magazine set in outer space, with a focus on stories set in the future involving non-humanoid aliens. Special Doublie issue with stories from Angèle Gougeon, Mary Jo Rabe, Daniel R. Robichaud, and others. Subscriptions not available, but the maga­zine can be purchased from in either Kindle or print format.

Apex Magazine

  • Jason Sizemore, ed.
  • Issue #124, July 2021
  • digital free online or $4.99 per print issue; bi-monthly.
  • Online SF/fantasy/horror magazine publishing both new and reprinted fiction. This issue includes origi­nal short fiction by E. Catherine Tobler, R. Gatwood, Kelly Sandoval, Nicole J. LeB­oeuf, Kingsley Okpii, and Beth Dawkins; reprinted fiction from Chinelo Onwualu, and Indrapramit Das; nonfiction by Tonya Liburd, and Alvaro Zinos-Amaro; interviews with R. Gatwood, Kelly Sandoval, and artist Martina Boscolo; and reviews. The issue content will be made available free online intermittently over the two months between issues. Cover by Martina Boscolo. Subscription: $24.00 digital for a six issue recurring subscription from Apex <>.


  • Michael Pryor, ed.
  • No. 142, July 2021
  • $2.99, 10 times a year (every month except January and December).
  • This issue includes fiction from Stuart Bullock, Baden M Chant, and Phil Dyer; articles by Claire Fitzpatrick and Lachlan Walter; and reviews. Sub­scriptions $19.99/year for ten issues from their website.

Baffling Magazine

  • Craig L. Gidney & dave ring, eds.
  • Issue #4, July 2021
  • free online; quarterly.
  • Online genre flash fiction magazine with a “queer bent.” This issue includes stories by Christopher Caldwell, Susan Taitel, Esther Alter, and others. Cover by Nate Tazewell. Subscriptions: Unavailable.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

  • Scott H. Andrews, ed.
  • Issue #332, June 17, 2021
  • free on­line, biweekly.
  • Online fantasy/adventure magazine. This issue includes original fiction by Aimee Ogden (with accompany­ing podcast) and Y.M. Pang, and a reprint from Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam. Cover by Avant Choi. Subscription: $19.99/year from Weightless Books <>.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

  • Scott H. Andrews, ed.
  • Issue #333, July 1, 2021
  • free online, biweekly.
  • Online fantasy/adventure maga­zine. This issue includes original fiction by Andrew Dykstal and Aaron Perry, and a reprint from Marissa Lingen. Cover by Avant Choi. Subscription: $19.99/year from Weightless Books <>.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

  • Scott H. Andrews, ed.
  • Issue #334, July 15, 2021
  • free online, biweekly.
  • Online fantasy/adventure maga­zine. This issue includes original fiction by Rajan Khanna and Isabel Cañas, and a reprint from Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam. Cover by Avant Choi. Subscription: $19.99/year from Weightless Books <www.weightless­>.


  • Neil Clarke, ed.
  • Issue #178, July 2021
  • free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Online SF/fantasy magazine. This issue includes original fiction by Karen Osborne (with accompanying podcast), Grace Chan (with accompanying podcast), Nick Wolven, Samantha Murray, MV Mel­cer, and Rich Larson; a reprint by Leonid Kaganov (Alex Shvartsman, trans.); an ar­ticle by Andrew Liptak; and interviews with Tommy Arnold and Sheree Renée Thomas. Cover byAlejandro Burdisio. Subscription: Digital subscription $35.88 for 12 issue at or issues may be purchased monthly: $2.99 digital/$10.00 print ($14.00 Canada & Europe)/$12.99 print + digital ($16.99 Canada & Europe). Also available from third-party sellers.

The Dark

  • Sean Wallace, ed.
  • Issue #73, July 2021
  • free online or digital available for $1.99-$2.99, monthly.
  • Dark fantasy and horror magazine. This issue includes original fiction by L Chan, Hannah Yang, Dare Se­gun Falowo, and Ifeanyichukwu Peter Eze. Subscription: digital subscriptions available for $23.88 for 12 issues from Weightless Books <>. Is­sues can be purchased at a monthly sub­scription rate from at $1.99/month or £1.99/month via; or as single copies at $2.99 from Apple, B&N, Kobo, and Weightless.

The Deadlands

  • E. Catherine Tobler, ed.
  • Issue 2, June 2021
  • digital/free online, monthly.
  • “The Dead­lands exists in liminal spaces between life, death and elsewhere” with “speculative fiction that concerns itself with death – but also everything death may involve”. This issue includes original fiction by G.V. Anderson; a reprint from Margaret Ronald; a non-fiction article by Kate Lechler; and poetry. Cover by Jenna Barton. Subscrip­tion: not currently available.

Escape Artist — pro­duces four weekly podcasts:

  • Escape Pod, Mur Laffery & S.B. Divya, eds. (SF); PodCastle, Eleanor R. Wood & Shingai Njeri Kagunda, eds. (fantasy); PseudoPod, Shawn Garrett & Alex Hofelich, eds. (horror); Cast of Won­ders, Katherine Inskip, ed (YA).
  • Free online, weekly.
  • Genre podcasts of both original and previously published stories with accompanying text. For June/July 2021, Escape Pod aired stories from Sarah Kumari, Jaxton Kimble, Tobias S. Buckell, Sameem Siddiqui, Brian K. Lowe, and Yudhanjaya Wijeratne & R.R. Birdi; PodCastle aired stories from Eleanor R. Wood, Saladin Ahmed, Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko, Teresa Milbrodt, Stephanie Burgis, Tobi Ogundiran, Aimee Ogden, and Hester J. Rook; PseudoPod aired stories from Eugie Foster, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Amelia Reynolds Long, Leanna Renee Hieber, Jordan Kurella, Kaitlyn Zivanovich, and P.G. Ga­lalis; and Cast of Wonders aired stories by Brenna Harvey & P.G. Streeter, Evan Marcroft, Osahon Ize-Iyamu, Srikripa Krishna Prasad & Aviel McDermott, and Jim Breyfogle. Subscriptions: Free.

Fantasy Magazine

  • Christie Yant & Arley Sorg, eds.
  • Issue #69, July 2021
  • free online or $3.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Online fantasy magazine. This issue includes flash fiction by Dustin Katz and Marika Bailey; original short fiction by Lulu Khadim and Benjamin C. Kinney; an interview with Silvia Moreno-Garcia; and poetry. On the website, each month’s contents are serialized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Tuesdays. The ebook edition is available on the first of the month. Cover by Thana Wong / Adobe Stock Image. Sub­scription: $2.99/month via or $23.88 for 12 issues from Fantasy <> or Weightless Books <www.weightless­>.


  • Ryan Boyd, ed.
  • Issue #93, July 2021
  • $5.00 digital only, monthly.
  • In the July issue, the site posted short fiction by Anne Le Blanc, Endria Isa Richardson, and others. Sub­scriptions: digital subscriptions available for $60.00 for 12 issues at <>.

Fiyah: Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction

  • DaVaun Sanders, ed.
  • Issue #19, Summer 2021
  • $3.99 digital only, quarterly.
  • Literary Black Speculative Fiction magazine that “fea­tures stories by and about people of the African Diaspora.” This issue’s theme is “Sound & Color” and includes stories from LA Knight, Yah Yah Scholfield, Lily Wat­son, Diane Russell, and Jamie McGhee; non-fiction by E. Chad Metz; and poetry. Cover by Paul Kellam. Subscription: digital subscriptions available for $15.99 for four issues at <>.

Flash Point SF

  • Thomas J. Griffin & M.A. Dosser eds.
  • June/July 2021
  • free online, bi-weekly.
  • Flash fiction SF and fantasy site posting a new story every other Friday. In June/July, the site posted short fiction by Dawn Vogel, Aeryn Rudel, MM Schreier, and others. Subscriptions: digital subscriptions avail­able for $5.00 for one year at <>.


  • Fred Coppersmith, ed.
  • Summer 2021
  • free online, quarterly.
  • Online speculative fiction magazine with science fiction, fantasy, and horror. This issue has nine original stories by Sidney Maris Hargrave, Bo Balder, Ada Hoffmann & Jacqueline Flay, and others; and poetry. Cover by Cindy Fan!. Subscrip­tion: Unavailable.

Lightspeed Magazine

  • John Joseph Adams, ed.
  • Issue #134, July 2021
  • free online or $3.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Online SF/fantasy magazine. This issue includes original science fiction by Everdeen Mason and Andrew Dana Hudson; reprinted SF from Stephen Graham Jones; original fantasy from Rachel Swirsky and Lulu Kadhim; reprinted fantasy from Cadwell Turnbull; original flash fiction by Russell Nichols (SF) and Nicole D. Sconiers (fantasy); and book reviews. On the website, each month’s con­tents are serialized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Tuesdays. The ebook edition is available on the first of the month with exclusive content not available on the website. This month’s exclusive content is an excerpt from a novel by Shelley Parker-Chan. Cover by Grandfailure / Adobe Stock. Subscription: $2.99/month via or $35.88/year from Lightspeed <www.lightspeed­> or Weightless Books <>.


  • B. Morris Allen, ed.
  • August 2021
  • $7.00 print/$4.00 digital/free online, monthly.
  • Online and print speculative fiction maga­zine. This issue includes original stories by L.J. Wetherby, Rubella Dithers, Rachel Delaney Craft, and Mariah Montoya. New stories are posted online every Friday. Cover by Gabriel Rosswell. Subscription: Digital subscriptions available at $3.00/month through Patreon <>. Single issues avail­able from and IngramSpark.


  • Donald S. Crankshaw & Kristin Janz, eds.
  • July/August 2021
  • free online or via Patreon.
  • Online magazine presenting stories that engage “meaningfully with Christianity…although not exclusively from a Christian perspective.” The site posts one or two stories per month, with occasional interviews and reviews. For July and August the site will post stories by C.A. Barrett, Barbara A. Barnett, and Jessica Snell. Cover by John Tsilikas. Subscription: Limited-edition digital version (pdf, epub and mobi) available prior to web publica­tion via Patreon.

Nightmare Magazine

  • Wendy N. Wagner, ed.
  • Issue #106, July 2021
  • free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Online horror/dark fantasy magazine publishing both original and reprinted fiction. This issue includes fiction by Benjamin Peek, Donyae Coles, and Gordon B. White; a non-fiction essay by Jose Cruz; book reviews; and poetry. On the website, each month’s contents are serialized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Wednesdays. Cover by Liuzishan / Fotolia. Subscription: $1.99/monthly from Amazon or $23.88/year from Nightmare or Weight­less Books <>.


  • Gayle Sur­rett ed.
  • July 2021
  • free, monthly.
  • Online SF review site. In the July issue, the site posted reviews of non-fiction, short fiction, and books; and various columns. Subscrip­tions: Not available.

Strange Horizons

  • Vanessa Rose Phin, et al., eds.
  • June/July 2021
  • free, weekly.
  • Online specu­lative fiction magazine publishing fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, and interviews. New issues are posted each Monday. In June/July, the site posted short fiction (with accompanying podcasts) by Anna Martino, Melanie Harding-Shaw, and Blaze Forbes; an article by Monte Lin; columns by Maria Haskins and Kuzhali Manickavel; an artist interview with Palloma Barreto; poetry (with accompanying podcasts); reviews, etc. Covers by Tahlia Day and Palloma Barreto. Subscription: unavailable.

  • Tom Doherty, Fritz Foy, Irene Gallo, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, et al., eds.
  • June/July
  • free online.
  • Macmillan publishing house site special­izing in genre fiction. Each month publishes free fiction and articles including original works, reprints, novel excerpts, and comics; re-reads/re-watches of novels and television shows; an artist gallery; original reviews; articles and commentary; interviews; as well as providing a forum for the genre community. New material is posted throughout the month. June and July’s posts include novel excerpts from books by Shelley Parker-Chan, Becky Chambers, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Ryan Van Loan, Benjamin Percy, Erin A. Craig, Amanda Foody & Christine Lynn Herman, Ausma Zehanat Khan, J.P. Oakes, Max Barry, Lexi Ryan, Andrew Shvarts, Lilliam Riovera, Catriona Ward, Andrea Robert­son, and Nick McDonell; and original fiction by Elizabeth Bear, Matthew Kressel, and Glen Hirshberg.

Uncanny Magazine

  • Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas, Chimedum Ohaegbu, and Elsa Sjunneson, eds.
  • Issue #41, July/August 2021
  • $3.99 digital only, bi-monthly.
  • Science fiction and fantasy magazine with original and reprint fiction, non-fiction es­says, interviews, and poetry. This issue includes fiction by Tananrive Due, Eleanor Arnason, Shaoni C. White, Tochi Onyebu­chi, Ellen Kushner, and C.S.E. Cooney; a reprint from Yoon Ha Lee; essays from Nisi Shawl, Troy L. Wiggins, Nino Cipri and C.L. Clark; interviews with Eleanor Arnason, and C.S.E. Cooney; and poetry. Cover art by Alexa Sharpe. E-book subscribers receive the complete ebook on the first Tuesday of the month. Online readers will receive the first half of the magazine on the first Tuesday of the month. The second half will be available the first Tuesday of the following month. Also available free on the Uncanny website is the Uncanny Magazine podcast with some of the stories, interviews, and other content available for listening. Subscriptions: $23.88 for one year at Weightless Books <www.weight­>.

Underland Arcana

  • Mark Teppo, ed.
  • Issue No. 3, Summer 2021
  • free online/$12.99 print/$2.99 digital, quarterly, 126pp, 12½ x 18 cm.
  • This issue includes short fiction from A.P. Howell, Louis Evans, Breanna Bright, and others. Cover by cokacoka. Subscription: $3.00 per digital issue/$10.00 per print + digital issue via Patreon at <­Press>.

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