2021 Imadjinn Awards Winners

Winners for the 2021 Imadjinn Awards have been announced, including several categories of genre interest:

Best Science Fiction Novel

  • WINNER (tie): High Mountain Hunters, William Alan Webb (Seventh Seal)
  • WINNER (tie): Hope’s Game, Mick Williams (Hydra)
  • The Second Star, Alma Alexander (Crossroad)
  • Storm Shattered, Patrick Dugan (Falstaff)

Best Fantasy Novel

  • WINNER: The Watchers of Moniah, Barbara V. Evers (New Mythology)
  • Curling Vines & Crimson Trades, Kellie Doherty (Desert Palm)
  • They Eat Their Own, Amanda King (Ismae)
  • Sarania: The Legacy of the Magicians, Simon André Kledtke (Brighton Verlag GmbH)
  • Move the Stars, Sandy Lender (Iyf/Dragon Hoard)

Best Horror Novel

  • WINNER: The Cassowary, James Sabata (self-published)
  • Dead End Drive, Ian Kirkpatrick (Steak House)
  • Along Come Evening, Steven L. Shrewsbury (Necro)

Best Urban Fantasy Novel

  • WINNER: Faerie Forged, L.R. Braden (Bell Bridge)
  • Corpse Whisperer Sworn, H.R. Boldwood (Third Street)
  • Life Among the Tombstones, H.R. Boldwood (Third Street)
  • Casting Shadows, L.R. Braden (Bell Bridge)

Best Paranormal Romance

  • WINNER: Coyote Blues, Karen F. Williams (Bold Strokes)
  • The Stone Warriors: Dragan, D.B. Reynolds (ImaJinn)
  • Xavier, D.B. Reynolds (ImaJinn)
  • Finder, Lilith Saintcrow (ImaJinn)

Best Young Adult Novel

  • WINNER: Treetops, Peter Bremer (self-published)
  • Guardians of the Edge: The Paths of Power, Patti Larsen (Purely Paranormal)
  • The Prophecy, Erin Pemberton (Intrigue)
  • Just One Song, Lynn Stevens (self-published)

Best Anthology

  • WINNER: Tales of the Lost Volume Two, Steve Dillon & Eugene Johnson, eds. (Plaid Dragon)
  • Outback Horrors Down Under, Steve Dillon, ed. (self-published)
  • Bridges, First City Books collective (First City Books)
  • Mirrormaze: A Dreampunk Anthology, Cliff Jones Jr., ed. (Fractured Mirror)

Best Short Story Collection

  • WINNER: Snapshots: A Collection of Short Stories, Eliot Parker (Morgan James Fiction)
  • Val Hall: The Even Years, Alma Alexander (Book View Cafe)
  • Val Hall: The Odd Years, Alma Alexander (Book View Cafe)
  • Grotesque: Monster Stories, Lee Murray (self-published)

Best Short Story

  • WINNER: The In Between: A Carnelevarium Origin Story, Patti Larsen (Purely Paranormal)
  • Upon A Wicked Sea, S. Cinders (self-published)
  • The Far Side of Heaven, D.L. Gardner (self-published)
  • “The Last Day”, Paul Moore and Gene Johnson (Infected 1: Tales to Read at Home)

Best Audiobook Narration

  • WINNER: The Squeaky Clean Skeleton, R.A. Muth, narrated by Sarah Zimmerman (Tantor)

Winners were selected by jury and announced at the Imaginarium Convention, which was held July 9-11, 2021 at the Holiday Inn Louisville East in Louisville KY. For more information, including a full list of finalists and winners, see the Imaginarium website.

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