2020 Australian Shadows Awards Winners

Winners for the 2020 Australian Shadows Awards have been announced. The award is given by the Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) for “the finest in horror and dark fiction published by an Australasian within the calendar year.”


  • WINNER: Deception Pass, Matthew Tait (Dark Crib)
  • The Crying Forest, Venero Armanno (IFWG)
  • Flyaway, Kathleen Jennings (Picador)
  • Gutterbreed, Marty Young (Eclectic Trio)

Long Fiction

  • WINNER: “By Touch and By Glance”, Lisa L. Hannett (Songs for Dark Seasons)
  • The Attic Tragedy, J. Ashley-Smith (Meerkat)
  • “Kua Hinga Te Kauri”, Dan Rabarts (Outback Horrors Down Under)
  • “Barralang, pop. 63”, Deborah Sheldon (Dimension6 #19)
  • “New Wine”, Angela Slatter (Cursed)

Short Fiction

  • WINNER: “Brumation”, Anthony Ferguson (Midnight Echo #15)
  • “Hideous Armature”, Joanne Anderton (Midnight Echo #15)
  • “Vision Thing”, Matthew R Davis (Black Dogs, Black Tales)
  • “The Bone Fairy”, Martin Livings (Midnight Echo #15)
  • “Let Shadows Slip Through”, Kali Napier (New Gothic Review #2)
  • “Needles”, Kali Napier (The Dark 7/20)

Collected Works

  • WINNER: The Heart Is a Mirror for Sinners, Angela Slatter (PS)
  • Bleak Precision, Greg Chapman (self-published)
  • Grotesque, Lee Murray (Things in the Well)
  • Red New Day, Angela Slatter (Brain Jar)
  • Behind the Midnight Blinds, Marty Young (Things in the Well)

Edited Works

  • WINNER: Midnight Echo #15, Lee Murray, ed.
  • Hadithi & the State of Black Speculative Fiction, Eugen Bacon & Milton Davis, eds. (Luna)
  • Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women, Lee Murray & Geneve Flynn, eds. (Omnium Gatherum)
  • Black Dogs, Black Tales: Where the Dogs Don’t Die, Tabatha Wood & Cassie Hart, eds. (Things in the Well)
  • Trickster’s Treats 4: Coming, Buried or Not!, Louise Zedda-Sampson & Geneve Flynn, eds. (Things in The Well)


  • WINNER: “This Soundless Murk”, Hester J. Rook (The Future Fire #54)
  • “The Tongueless Dead”, Leigh Blackmore (Spectral Realms Summer ’20)
  • “The King of Eyes”, PS Cottier (Monstrous)
  • “Mouthing Off”, PS Cottier (Monstrous)
  • “Deadway”, K.S. Nikakis (Journey: Seeking the Sacred, Spirit and Soul in the Australian Wilderness)


  • WINNER: “An Exploration of Menstruation in Horror and Dark Fiction”, Tabatha Wood (Horror Tree 2/6/20)
  • “Sandalwood and Jade: The Weird and Fantastic Verse of Lin Carter”, Leigh Blackmore (Dead Reckonings Fall ’20)
  • “What Makes Good Horror?”, Tim Hawken (Aurealis #128)
  • “Phantasmagoria and the Earliest Forms of Horror Storytelling”, Maria Lewis (ACMI 1/1/21)
  • “Cthulhu in California: The Writing of Michael Shea”, Emmet O’Cuana (Aurealis #135)
  • “Queer Vampires in Modern Cinema”, Tabatha Wood (Divination Hollow Reviews 6/20)

Graphic Novel

  • WINNER: Hellblazer: Rise and Fall, Tom Taylor & Darick Robertson (DC)
  • Redback Armageddon, Nathan Grixti (self-published)
  • The Mycelium Complex, Daniel Reed (https://themyceliumcomplex.wordpress.com/)
  • DCeased: Unkillables, Tom Taylor & Karl Mostert (DC)
  • Undad: Volume Three, Katie Walsh-Smith, Miranda Richardson, Big Tim Stiles, Ryan K Lindsay, Shane W Smith, Karissa Moloney, Matias Lazaro, Anna Foubert, Mitchell Collins & Simon Robins (Deeper Meanings)

For more information, see the AHWA website.

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