Blinks: Octavia E. Butler; Chen Qiufan; Elizabeth Hand; Lisa Tuttle’s Guardian reviews

» The New Yorker: Julian Lucas on How Octavia E. Butler Reimagines Sex and Survival, subtitled, The parasites, hybrids, and vampires of her science fiction make the price of persisting viscerally real.

» Wired: Sci-Fi Writer or Prophet? The Hyperreal Life of Chen Qiufan, subtitled, As China’s science fiction authors are elevated to the status of oracles, Qiufan’s career—and his genre’s place in society—have gone through the looking glass.

» LA Review of Books: Rob Latham reviews Elizabeth Hand

» Guardian: Lisa Tuttle reviews Aliya Whiteley, Oliver K Langmead, Sarah Gailey, Sylvain Neuvel, Arkady Martine

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