Staff Picks: Lovecraft Country

It’s Locus’s 2020 Holiday Countdown of Staff Picks!

Arley Sorg selects Lovecraft Country as a top science fiction horror show of the year. “Moments of this show are a wonderful celebration of Black culture, executed in ways too rarely seen in mainstream TV or film. An early scene shows a block party filled with joy and celebration, and an array of kinds of Black folks, sending a gentle message to the viewer that even in hostile times, there is more to Black lives than just perseverance or survival of suffering (which is often the sole focus of other depictions): there is beauty. There is happiness. The first relationship shown demonstrates positivity and love, offsetting stereotypical Hollywood images of Black families and simultaneously setting the groundwork to allow for developing more complicated, painful relationships. Black people can be nerds, they can be into astronomy, they can be into reading, they can be into travel; they aren’t limited by standard, stale, overused stereotypes. All of this and more adds up to great, diverse representation of Black people.”

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