Magazines Received, December 2020

Mark Kelly’s regular Periodicals posts have been discontinued. We will list online and print magazines seen by Locus each month.

This page lists new SF/F/H print, online, and electronic periodicals (including regularly updated websites) seen by Locus magazine, focusing on those that publish fiction or reviews and criticism.

To submit titles for listing on these pages, please send to Locus Publications, 655 13th St. #100, Oakland CA 94612 or email

Bourbon Penn

  • Erik Secker, ed.
  • Issue No. 22, November 2020
  • $12.95 print/$1.99 digital/free online, three times a year, 157pp, 12½ x 20 cm.
  • Literary speculative fiction magazine with stories by Corey Farrenkopf, Elana Gomel, Emily C. Skaftun, and others. Cover by Liam Barr. Subscription: not avail­able. Copies can be purchased from Ama­; website: <>.

Conjunctions: 74, The Monster Issue

  • Bradford Morrow, ed.
  • Issue No. 74, Fall/November 2020
  • $20.00 individuals/$30 institutions and internationally, biannual, 344pp.
  • Literary magazine with fiction, es­says, and poetry. This issue includes stories by Sofia Samatar, Brian Evenson, Elizabeth Hand, Jeffrey Ford, Joyce Carol Oates, and others. Cover by Hugo von Trimberg Subscription: $30.00 individuals/$450.00 for institutions and non-US for two issues to Conjunctions, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504; website: <>; email: <>.

Foundation: The International Review of Sci­ence Fiction

  • Paul March-Russell, ed.
  • Vol. 49, Issue No. 3, #137, 2020
  • £9.00/$15.00, three times yearly, 128pp, 14½ x 21 cm.
  • Peer-reviewed journal published by the Sci­ence Fiction Foundation. This issue includes Jonathan Hay’s look at the effect of novum decay in the movie Source Code, both to the main character and to the audience; An­drew Milner’s discussion of climate fictions (Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam, Dirk C. Fleck’s MAEVA! trilogy, and Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140 as examples of “critical utopias”; Aris Mousoutzanis’ consid­ers how androids’s struggles in the TV show Humans move from considerations of class to race and explores the use of biopower/biopolitics; Joe Street’s reading of race in Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?; Jo Lindsay Walton’s ex­amination of money in its various forms and how it works, using explanations drawn from Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow and Making Money by Terry Pratchet; Andreas Eschbach’s personal his­tory with the SF pulp series Perry Rhodan; a roundtable using the publication of The Cambridge History of Science Fiction as a starting point to discuss the writing of SF history with Sonja Fritzsche, Paul Kincaid, and Adam Roberts; conference reports; and book reviews. Subscription: UK £25.00/Rest of Europe £28.00/Elsewhere £33.00/USD$48.00/Students £15.00/USD$25.00 (proof required) for three issues; specify year of commencement. Send checks made out to “The Science Fiction Foundation” to The Science Fiction Foundation, c/o 75 Rosslyn Avenue, Harold Wood, Essex RM3 0RG, UK; email: Roger Robinson (“SFF” in subject line) <>; website: <>.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

  • C.C. Finlay, ed.
  • Vol. 140 No. 1 & 2, Whole No. 753, January/February 2021
  • $9.99, bimonthly, 260pp, 13 x 19½ cm.
  • This issue includes a novella by John Kes­sel; novelettes by Jonathan L. Howard and James Morrow; short stories by Robert Reed, H. Pueyo, Jenn Reese, Justin C. Key, Van Aaron Hughes, Susan Palwick, Lavie Tidhar, Karen Joy Fowler, and Paul Di Filippo; a science article by Jerry Oltion; poetry; reviews, etc. Cover by Kent Bash.

Planet Scumm: A Bloody Pulp

  • Sean Clancy, ed.
  • No. 9, Winter 2020
  • $10.00, tri-annual, 75pp, 15 x 21 cm.
  • Perfect-bound, small‑press fiction magazine specializing in “weirdo science fiction, speculative fic­tion, and paranormal horror.” This issue has stories by Hailey Piper, Clarissa Van Dell, Pedro Iniguez, and others; and short interviews with artists Alyssa Alarcón Santo and Sam Rheaume. Cover by Alyssa Alar­cón Santo. Subscription: three issues for $25.00 from Planet Scumm; website: <>; email: <>.

Science Fiction Studies

  • Arthur B. Evans, et al., eds.
  • Vol. 47, Part 3, No. 142, November 2020
  • $30.00, three times a year, 220pp, 15 x 23 cm.
  • Academic journal. This issue includes a symposium on the pandemic by various authors; Rob Browning’s explanation of how a Nietzschean analysis of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey falls short in its considerations of aliens; Moira Marquis’s discussion of race-relations by exploring the differences between the afro-futurism shown in Nnedi Okorafor’s Lagoon verses the af­ropessimism portrayed in Neill Blomkamp’s District 9; Jessica Valisa’s examination of the science books for children of the late Soviet era (1974 – 1984); and Jesse S. Cohn’s consideration of how the fantastic has overtaken modern culture and its subsequent influences; essay-length book reviews, and reviews. Subscription: $32.00 per year digital/$40.00 for print/$42.00 print plus digital for individuals, plus $15.00 for print subscriptions outside the US, or free with a membership in the Science Fiction Research Association, to SF‑TH Inc., c/o Arthur B. Evans, EC 203, DePauw Univer­sity, Greencastle IN 46135‑0037; or the SFS website at <>. All institutional subscriptions are handled through JSTOR <>: $55.00 per year digital/$65.00 for print/$70.00 for print plus digital, plus $15.00 for print sub­scriptions outside the US; website: <>.

SF Commentary

  • Bruce Gillespie, ed.
  • No. 104, November 2020
  • Limited print copies available/free online; irregular, 92pp, 20 1/2 x 29 1/2 cm.
  • Australian fanzine from Bruce Gillespie. This issue is includes Gillespie’s notes on the Coronavirus lockdown in Australia with short essays on lockdown pleasures; reports from two Worldcons (two from Dublin and one from CoNZealand); es­says from William Breiding, Jennifer Bryce, and others; reviews, and poems. Cover by Denny Marshall. Subscription: Not avail­able. More information: Bruce Gillespie, 5 Howard Street, Greensborough VIC 3088, Australia; email:; digital copies available free through EFAN­ZINES.COM.

Online Magazines

Apex Magazine

  • Jason Sizemore, ed.
  • Issue #121, January 2021,
  • digital free online or $3.99 per print issue; bi-monthly
  • Apex‘s relaunch in January 2021. Online SF/fantasy/hor­ror magazine publishing both new and reprinted fiction. This issue includes six pieces of original short fiction by Alix E. Harrow; Cassandra Khaw, Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, and others; reprints by LH Moore and Tonya Liburd; essays by Usman T. Malik and Malka Older; interviews with authors Fargo Tbakhi and PH Lee and artist Vicki be Wicked; and reviews. The issue’s content will be made available free online intermittently over the two months between issues. Cover by Vicki be Wicked. Subscription: $24.00 digital for a six issue recurring subscription from Apex <>.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

  • Scott H. Andrews, ed.
  • Issue #318, December 3, 2020
  • free online, biweekly
  • Online fantasy/adventure magazine. This issue includes original fiction by PH Lee (with accompanying podcast) and Elizabeth Zuckerman, and a reprint from A.J. Lucy. Cover by Avant Choi. Subscription: $19.99/year from Weightless Books <>.


  • Neil Clarke, ed.
  • Issue #171, December 2020
  • free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly
  • Online SF/fantasy maga­zine. This issue includes original fiction by Fiona Moore (with accompanying podcast), Lisa Nohealani Morton, Michael Swanwick, Robert Reed, Anamaria Curtis, and Andy Dudak; a reprint from Chi Hui (John Chu, trans.); an essay by Carrie Ses­sarego; and interviews with Stina Leicht and Tim Pratt. Cover by Claudio Pilia. Subscription: Digital subscription $35.88 for 12 issue at <> or issues may be pur­chased monthly: $2.99 digital/$10.00 print ($14.00 Canada & Europe)/$12.99 print + digital ($16.99 Canada & Europe). Also available from third-party sellers.

Fantasy Magazine

  • Christie Yant & Arley Sorg, eds.
  • Issue #62, December 2020
  • free online or $3.99 ebook, monthly
  • Online fantasy magazine. This issue includes original fantasy fiction, flash, and poetry by Kurt Hunt, Aynjel Kaye, Kerry C. Byrne, Hal Y. Zhang, Anya Ow, and Kristiana Willsey; and an es­say by Meg Elison. On the website, each month’s contents are serialized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Tuesdays. The ebook edition is available on the first of the month. Cover by grandfailure/Adobe Stock Image. Subscription: $2.99/month via or $23.88 for 12 issues from Fantasy <> or Weightless Books <>.


  • Pablo Defendini, ed.
  • Issue #85, Novem­ber 2020
  • $5.00 digital only, monthly
  • In the November issue, the site post­ed essays by Regina N Bradley and Ryan Van Loan, and short fiction by Kate Sheeran Swed, Paul R. Hardy, and Nicasio Andres Reed. Subscrip­tions: digital subscriptions available for $60.00 for 12 issues at <>.

Future Science Fiction Digest

  • Alex Shvartsman, ed.
  • Issue 9, December 2020
  • free online/$3.99 digital/$9.99 print available POD from Amazon or directly from UFO Publishing in the US, quarterly
  • SF magazine with a focus on translated and international fiction. This is an oversized East Asia special issue and includes stories by Wu Guan (Judith Huang, trans.), Kim Bo-Young (Sophie Bowman, trans.), Taiyo Fujii (Emily Balistrieri, trans), and others. Contents from this issue are also posted free online. See their website for release dates. Cover by MonoKubo. Subscriptions: Quarterly digital issues are available through Patreon. Individual copies will be available to purchase from Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play, and Weightless.

Lightspeed Magazine

  • John Joseph Adams, ed.
  • Issue #127, December 2020
  • free online or $3.99 ebook, monthly
  • Online SF/fantasy magazine. This issue in­cludes original science fiction by Andrew Dana Hudson & C.Y. Ballard and Ben H. Winters; reprinted SF by Jennifer Marie Brissett and S.L. Huang; original fantasy by Kali Wallace and PH Lee; reprinted fantasy by Maurice Broaddus and Sofia Samatar; an interview with E. Lily Yu; and media and book reviews. On the website, each month’s contents are serialized throughout the month, with new features published on the first four Tuesdays. The ebook edition is available on the first of the month, with exclusive content not available on the website. This month’s exclusive content is an excerpt from a novel by Sam J. Miller. Cover by Grandeduc / Adobe Stock Image. Subscription: $2.99/month via or $35.88/year from Light­speed <> or Weightless Books <>.


  • B. Morris Allen, ed.
  • December 2020
  • free online, monthly
  • Online and print speculative fiction magazine. This issue includes original stories by Chris Panatier, Elise Kim, and others. New stories are posted online every Friday. Cover by Chris Panatier. Subscription: unavailable.

Nightmare Magazine

  • John Joseph Adams, ed.
  • Issue #99, December 2020
  • free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly
  • Online horror/dark fantasy magazine publishing both original and reprinted fiction. This issue includes original fiction by Caspian Gray and Angela Slatter; reprinted fiction by Stephen Graham Jones and Nicholas Royle; a non-fiction essay by J.B. Toner; and a media review. On the website, each month’s contents are serialized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Wednesdays. The ebook edition is available on the first of the month with exclusive content not available on the website. Cover by Marko Stamatovic/Fotolia. Subscription: $1.99/monthly from Amazon or $23.88/year from Nightmare or Weightless Books <>.

Speculative City: Afrofuturism

  • Devon Mont­gomery & Meera Velu, eds.
  • Issue #10, Winter 2020
  • free online or $2.99/digital edition available through, quarterly
  • Online literary genre fiction magazine, with a focus on integrating speculative fiction with a city setting. Guest edited by Stefani Cox, this issue’s theme is Afrofuturism and includes fic­tion by LP Kindred, Fleur Lyamuya, and others; an essay by Woody Dismukes; and poetry. Cover by Jacqueline C.J. Barnes. Subscription: unavailable.

Strange Horizons

  • Vanessa Rose Phin, et al., eds.
  • November/December 2020
  • free, weekly
  • Online speculative fiction maga­zine publishing fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, and interviews. New issues are posted each Monday. For November and December, the site posted short fiction (with accompanying podcasts) by Toby MacNutt and M.L. Kejera; columns by Ku­zhali Manickavel and Mame Bougouma Diene; an article by Cat Rambo; poetry (with accompanying podcasts); reviews, etc. On December 1, 2020, the site posted a special Mexican issue edited by Libia Brenda with fiction in Spanish and English (and occasionally Náhuatl) by Ateri Mi­yawatl, Daniela L. Guzmán, Vraiux Dorós, Luz Rosales, Martha Riva Palacio Obón, Sonia Alejandra Rodriguez, and Emiliano González; an interview with Victor Bizar Gómez; and articles by Libia Brenda. Covers by Tahlia Day and Victor Bizar Gómez. Subscription: unavailable.

  • Tom Doherty, Fritz Foy, Irene Gallo, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, et al., eds.
  • November/December 2020
  • free online
  • Macmillan publishing house site specializing in genre fiction. Each month publishes free fic­tion and articles including original works, reprints, novel excerpts, and comics; re-reads/re-watches of novels and television shows; an artist gallery; original reviews; articles and commentary; and interviews, as well as providing a forum for the genre community. New material is posted throughout the month. November and December posts include novel excerpts from books by Mike Chen, Greta Kelly, Julia Ember, Rose Szabo, Evie Green, Sam J. Miller, Nghi Vo, Seanan McGuire, and Stina Leicht; and original fiction by Elizabeth Bear, Harry Turtledove, and Ian Tregillis.

This and more like it in the January 2021 issue of Locus.

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