Tom Barber (1946-2020)

Fan Tom Barber, 70, died April 4, 2020, reportedly of complications from COVID-19. Barber  was active in fandom, running conventions in Michigan starting in the 1970s: he was founding chair of ConClave I (1976), co-chaired ConClave II (1977) and ConClave VIII (1983), and chaired Perpetual ConFusion (1986), ConClave XX (1995), and ConClave XXV (2000). He was part of the NASFiC bid committee for Detroit in ’85.

Thomas Ross Barber was born May 19, 1949 in Dearborn MI. He graduated from Michigan State University with a zoology degree and did graduate work in aquatic biology at Eastern Michigan University. He worked in various fields, including owning his own clothing company. He was guest of honor at WindyCon XXIII (1996), Mystery God ConFusion (2001), and ChambanaCon 34 (2004). He is survived by his wife Tara Barber and their daughter Rhiannon.

This post has been edited to correct earlier biographical errors.

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