Ian Covell (1953-2019)

Longtime Locus contributor Ian Covell, 66, died December 11, 2019 in Middlesbrough, England. Born in 1953, Covell began compiling Locus‘s monthly British Books Received column in 1994, providing our readers with a view of UK publishing for 25 years. He wrote bibliographies J.T. McIntosh, Memoir and Bibliography (1987), An Index to DAW Books (1989), and A.E. van Vogt: Master of Null-A (1997, with Phil Stephenson-Payne), and co-edited issues of The Time Centre Times in 1995 and ’96 with John Davey, Maureen Davey, and D.J. Rowe. He occasionally wrote short stories, including “The Stars My Fornication” (2006). He worked as a bookseller, for charitable organizations, and as a university administrator.

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