Michael Blumlein (1948-2019)

SF writer and doctor Michael Blumlein, 71, died October 24, 2019 of lung cancer.

His debut novel The Movement of Mountains appeared in 1987, and was followed by X,Y (1993; adapted as a feature film in 2004), and The Healer (2005). His first SF story, “Tissue Ablation and Variant Regeneration: A Case Report” (1984) appeared in Interzone. Other notable stories include World Fantasy Award finalist “The Brains of Rats”(1986), Stoker Award finalist “Bestseller” (1990), Tiptree Award finalist “Fidelity: A Primer” (2000), and novella The Roberts (2011). Some of his short fiction was collected in World Fantasy and Stoker Award finalist The Brains of Rats (1989), What the Doctor Ordered (2013), All I Ever Dreamed (2018), and Thoreau’s Microscope (2018). His latest book is novella Longer (2019), about life-extension technology, life in space, and first contact. He has also written for the stage.

Michael John Blumlein was born June 28, 1948 in San Francisco CA. He attended medical school at the University of California, San Francisco and worked as a practicing MD and member of the faculty at UCSF for decades. He is survived by his wife Hilary, daughter Risa, and son Cory.

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