Blinks: PW’s Best of 2019; NYT essays and reviews; Slate roundtable with Anders and Ashby

» Publishers Weekly’s Best SF/Fantasy/Horror of 2019 are by King, Turnbull, Hurley, Starling, McGuire, LaValle/Adams, and Wendig

» Recently in NY Times: For Some Horror Writers, Nothing Is Scarier Than a Changing Planet by Naomi Booth, discussing Amitav Ghosh and Jeff VanderMeer and others

» Also, Danielle Trussoni reviews horror by Lovecraft (annotated by Klinger), nonfiction by Kröger and Anderson, a novel by Marente de Moor, and a collection by Benjamin Percy

» Also, Amal El-Mohtar reviews SF and fantasy by Dahlia Adler, Tamsyn Muir, Paul Krueger, and Annalee Newitz

» Slate: Charlie Jane Anders, Madeline Ashby, and Joey Eschrich discuss “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?”

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