Brad Linaweaver (1952-2019)

SF writer Brad Linaweaver, 66, died August 29, 2019 of cancer at home in Apopka FL.

Bradford Swain Linaweaver was born September 1, 1952 in Washington NC. He attended Florida State University, and got his MFA at Rollins College. He began publishing SF with “The Competitor” (1980), and alternate history novella “Moon of Ice” (1982) was a Nebula Awards finalist. In all he published more than 50 stories, some of them collected in Clownface (1999). His debut novel Moon of Ice (1988) expanded the story, and won a Prometheus Award. Other novels include The Land Beyond Summer (1999) and Prometheus Award finalist Anarquia (2004) with J. Kent Hastings. He also wrote various tie-in works, including Prometheus Award finalist Sliders: The Novel (1996), four Doom video game tie-ins with Dafydd ab Hugh (1995-96), and three Battlestar Galactica novels with Richard Hatch (2003-5). He edited Prometheus Award-winning anthology Free Space with Edward K. Kramer (1997) and coauthored Worlds of Tomorrow: The Amazing Universe of Science Fiction Art with Forrest J Ackerman (2004). He also published and edited magazine Mondo Cult, and wrote for film and radio. He wrote and starred in Fred Olen Ray’s 1978 film The Brain Leeches, and was an executive producer on various independent films, notably Ray’s Supershark (2011).

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