Mary Rosenblum (1952-2018)

Writer Mary Rosenblum, 65, died March 11, 2018 when the small plane she was piloting crashed near La Center WA.

Mary Freeman was born June 27, 1952 in Levittown NY. She attended Reed College, graduating with a biology degree, and worked as a medical researcher. She began publishing SF with “For a Price” (1990), and notable stories include Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalist “One Good Juror” (1997, with James Sarafin), Hugo Award finalist “Gas Fish” (1996), Tiptree Memorial Award finalist “The Eye of God” (1999), Nebula Award finalist “Night Wind” (2008), and Sidewise Award winner “Sacrifice” (2008). Some of her short fiction was collected in Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities (1996) and Water Rites (2007).

Her novels include Compton Crook Award winner The Drylands (1993), Chimera (1993), The Stone Garden (1994), and Horizons (2006). She also wrote mysteries under the name Mary Freeman.



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    Please change the date of Mary Rosenblum’s death
    March 11, 2017
    March 11, 2018


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