Brin Launches TASAT

Locus Magazine, Science Fiction FantasySF writer David Brin and the University of San Diego’s Arthur C. Clarke Center of Human Imagination have launched a new website called TASAT – “There’s A Story About That”. Brin says,

After years speaking at “alphabet agen­cies” in DC about various threat scenarios, I kept wishing there were a way to cite SF stories at them, no matter what scenario they were worried about. Finally, some of us… built such a story referral site…. Pick al­most any situation, from first contact to hu­man augmentation to artificial intelligence, [and] here’s a way to ensure that leaders or companies or NGOs or individuals can tap the library of hive-wisdom found in great old tales – even obscure ones – of SF…. Sci­entifiction might someday save the world.

For more, see Brin’s blog.

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