SF Crossing the Gulf Is Back!

Announcing the new archive page for SF Crossing the Gulf podcast.

The podcast, hosted by Karen Burnham and Karen Lord, debuted in 2012 and ran for 18 episodes over the course of two seasons, originally hosted by SF Signal (the text descriptions are still available there, but no audio). Episodes include fascinating discussions of notable contemporary hard science fiction, classic writers such as Cordwainer Smith and Olaf Stapledon, weird stories, and a focus on international science fiction, including but not limited to Mexican, Chinese and Caribbean literature.

The idea to rehost the podcast came about when Erna Brodber received the Windham–Campbell Literature Prize in 2017, whose book The Rainmaker’s Mistake was the topic of their episode four conversation:

Lord feared this unapologetically Caribbean book would be too challenging for readers lacking the historical and cultural context, but Burnham took to it like a duck to water and offered some important insights from the point of view of a non-West Indian and a genre reader.

The archive page features short descriptions of each episode and links to the full details at SF Signal, where these podcasts originally appeared. Currently we have Season One up, and will add the remainder soon.

We’re pleased to be hosting and excited to share that Karen Burnham and Karen Lord have plans to produce new episodes of SF Crossing the Gulf, focusing on international short fiction. As this new content becomes available links to the episodes will be added to this archive page, and will also receive individual entries on the Locus roundtable blog.


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