Blinks: Philip Pullman; Hevelin Collection; Iraq; Afrofuturism; History of SF Art; Julie Phillips; Reviews of Matheson, Tidbeck, Okorafor, Leckie

» NY Times Magazine: Philip Pullman Returns to His Fantasy World

» Slate: Retyping the Future’s Past, about the Hevelin Collection at the University of Iowa

» The Atlantic: How Sci-Fi Writers Imagine Iraq’s Future

» ThinkProgress: Afrofuturism: The imaginative sci-fi movement black people need now

» The Verge: Andrew Liptak on A new book aims to explore the glorious history of sci-fi cover art about this Unbound crowdfunding project by Adam Roberts and Graham Sleight

» Julie Phillips wins a Whiting Creative Nonfiction Grant

» LA Times: Scott Bradfield reviews Richard Matheson

» LA Review of Books: Irene Morrison reviews Karin Tidbeck

» NYT Book Review: Jeff Giles reviews YA crossover fiction by Nnedi Okorafor and others

» Guardian: Adam Roberts reviews Ann Leckie

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