Black Static

• British fantasy and horror magazine, debuting 2007 (formerly The Third Alternative), edited by Andy Cox
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Bimonthly

Sep-Oct 2017
Issue 60, £5.99, 96pp, cover art by Ben Baldwin
• Stories in this issue are by Carole Johnstone, Tim Lees, Ray Cluley, and Stephen Hargadon.
• Columns are by Lynda E. Rucker, Ralph Robert Moore, Peter Tennant (book reviews, including an interview with Daniel Mills), and Gary Couzens (film reviews).

(Fri 22 Sep 2017)



• SF magazine, currently bimonthly, published since 1982, co-founded by David Pringle; edited since 2004 by Andy Cox

Sep-Oct 2017
Issue 272, £5.99, 96pp, cover art by Dave Senecal
• This issue has fiction by Aliya Whiteley, Paul Jessup, T.R. Napper, and Erica L. Satifka.
• Features include an editorial by Andy Hedgecock, columns by Jonathan McCalmont and Nina Allan, David Langford’s “Ansible Link” news and obits, a book review section (with interviews with Adam Roberts and Hal Duncan), and film reviews by Nick Lowe.

(Tue 26 Sep 2017)


Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

• Semi-annual small-press magazine subtitled ‘an occasional outburst’; published/edited by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link

Autumn 2017
Issue 36, $5, 52pp, cover art by kAt Philbin
• This issue has fiction by Gabriela Santiago, L.M. Davenport, T.L. Rodebaugh, Mollie Chandler, Todd Summar, Laurel Lathrop, Christi Nogle, and Zhao Haihong.
• Poetry is by D M. Gordon
• There is also a nonfiction piece by Nicole Kimberling, about cooking.

(Thu 21 Sep 2017)