Harvey Jacobs (1930-2017)

Writer Harvey Jacobs, 87, died September 23, 2017 of a sudden bacterial infection shortly after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Harvey Jay Jacobs was born January 7, 1930 in New York. He often wrote movingly of the Jewish experience, sometimes with a magical realist bent, and used SF elements for satirical purposes as well. His first work of genre interest was “A Wind Age” in Tomorrow (1951), and other notable stories appear in collections The Egg of the Glak and Other Stories (1969) and My Rose & My Glove: Stories (Real and Surreal) (2005). Novels of interest include Beautiful Soup: A Novel for the 21st Century (1993), World Fantasy Award finalist American Goliath: Inspired by the True, Incredible Events Surrounding the Mysterious Marvel Known to an Astonished World as the Cardiff Giant (1977), and Side Effects (2009).