Worldcon News

Several amendments to the World Science Fiction Society constitution were ratified during Worldcon 75 in Helsinki, Finland:

  • “Best Series”: makes the Best Series Hugo Award permanent
  • “Young Adult Award”: creates a new award category for Best Young Adult Book
  • “December Is Good Enough”: moves the deadline for Hugo nominations from January 31 of the current year to December 31 of the previous year
  • “Two Years Are Good Enough”: limits nomination to members of the current or immediately preceding Worldcons. (This amendment contains a grandfather clause which applies to members of the 2019 Worldcon.)
  • “Defining North America”: creates a definition of “North America” for WSFS purposes
  • “Retrospective Improvement”: replaces and adds text to the current “Retrospective Hugos” section of the WSFS constitution
  • “Universal Suffrage”: extends WSFS voting rights to further membership levels

For the full text of the ratified amendments, see the 2017 WSFS Business Meeting Agenda.

The site selection for the 2019 Worldcon was also announced: Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon, the 77th World Science Fiction convention, will be held at the Convention Centre Dublin in Dublin, Ireland, August 15-19, 2019. James Bacon is the convention chair. Guests of honor include Ginjer Buchanan, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Bill & Mary Burns, Diane Duane, Steve Jackson, and Ian McDonald. For more information, see the Dublin 2019 website.