2017 Prix Utopiales Européen

The shortlist for the 2017 Prix Utopiales Européen has been announced.

  • Spire – Tome 1: Ce qui relie, Laurent Genefort (Critic)
  • Luna [Luna: New Moon], Ian McDonald (Denoël)
  • Merfer [Railsea], China Miéville (Fleuve)
  • Mes vrais enfants [My Real Children], Jo Walton (Denoël)
  • L’installation de la peur, Rui Zink (Agullo)

The winner of the Utopiales European Prize will be selected by a three-person jury and announced at the Nantes International Science Fiction Festival, November 1-6, 2017. The Utopiales website is currently under construction. For more information, see their official Twitter account.