Ed Gorman (1941-2016)

Author and editor Ed Gorman, 74, died October 14, 2016. He was diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2002. Gorman was best known as a crime and horror writer and anthologist, and also wrote SF.

He published dozens of books, beginning with novel Rough Cut (1984). Most of his works of genre interest were published pseudonymously. As Daniel Ransom he wrote many horror and SF titles, including Daddy’s Little Girl (1985), The Babysitter (1989), Nightmare Child (1990), The Fugitive Stars (1995), and Zone Soldiers (1996). Under the name Richard Driscoll he and Kevin D. Randle co-wrote the SF Star Precinct trilogy, beginning with Star Precinct (1992). The majority of books appearing under Gorman’s own byline were crime and mystery, notably the Robert Payne series, the Sam McCaine series, the Jack Dwyer series, and the Dev Conrad series. He also wrote Westerns.

Gorman wrote short fiction in various genres as well. Collection The Dark Fantastic (2002) was a Stoker Award finalist, and Cages (1995) was a Stoker finalist and won an International Horror Guild Award. He founded magazine Mystery Scene in 1985, and served as editor until 2002. Gorman was a prolific anthologist who edited many volumes of SF, horror, and crime, often in collaboration with Martin H. Greenberg and others.

Edward Joseph Gorman was born November 2, 1941 in Cedar Rapids IA. He attended Coe College in Iowa from 1962-65 and worked in advertising and public relations for over 20 years, becoming a full-time writer in 1989. He received a life achievement award from the Private Eye Writers of America in 2011.