Analog Science Fiction and Fact

• Science fiction and nonfiction; published since 1930 (originally Astounding); edited, since April 2013, by Trevor Quachri
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Near-monthly (10 issues/year)

March 2016
Vol. 136 No. 3, $4.99, 112pp, cover art by Eldar Zakirov
• This issue has a novella by Adam-Troy Castro, novelettes by Eric Del Carlo and Thomas R. Dulski, and short stories by Howard Hendrix & Art Holcomb, Gregory Benford, and Joe M. McDermott.
• There’s also a poem by Carly Rubin and a science article by Edward M. Lerner, the second part of an essay about “Human 2.0”.
• Departments include a guest editorial by Rosemary Claire Smith, an “Alternate View” column by John G. Cramer, and “Reference Library” book reviews by Don Sakers.

(Wed 20 Jan 2016)

Asimov’s Science Fiction

• Science Fiction magazine; published since 1977; edited by Sheila Williams
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Near-monthly (10 issues/year)

February 2016
Vol. 40 No. 2 (whole #481), $4.99, 112pp, cover art by Alejandro Colucci
• This issue has novelettes by Nick Wolven and An Owomoyela, and short stories by Michael Libling, Bruce McAllister, Sarah Gallien, Sean McMullen, and Sandra McDonald.
• Poetry is by Robert Borski and G.O. Clark.
• Departments include Sheila Williams’ editorial; Robert Silverberg’s “Reflections” column, on a “Famous Fantastic Mystery”; and book reviews by Peter Heck.

(Wed 20 Jan 2016)

Black Static

• British fantasy and horror magazine, debuting 2007 (formerly The Third Alternative), edited by Andy Cox
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Bimonthly

Jan-Feb 2016
Issue 50, £4.99, 96pp, cover art by Vince Haig
• Stories in this issue are by Georgina Bruce, V.H. Leslie, Ray Cluley, Gary Budden, Tyler Keevil, and Tim Casson.
• Columns are by Stephen Volk, Lynda E. Rucker, Tony Lee, and Peter Tennant, whose book review section includes an interview with Simon Bestwick.

(Tue 19 Jan 2016)


• SF magazine, currently bimonthly, published since 1982, co-founded by David Pringle; edited since 2004 by Andy Cox

January/February 2016
Issue 262, cover art by Vincent Sammy
• This issue has fiction by Mercurio D. Rivera, Rahul Kanakia, Ian Sales, Carole Johnstone, T.R. Napper, and Philip A. Suggars.
• Features include columns by Jonathan McCalmont and Nina Allan, David Langford’s “Ansible Link” news and obits, a book review section (including an interview with Dave Hutchinson and comments from several reviewers about their favorite books of 2015, film reviews by Nick Lowe, and DVD/Blu-ray reviews by Tony Lee.

(Tue 19 Jan 2016)