T.M. Wright (1947-2015)

Author T.M. Wright, 68, died October 31, 2015 in Corning NY.

Terrance Michael Wright was born September 9, 1947 in Syracuse NY. His first book was non-fiction, The Intelligent Man’s Guide to Flying Saucers (1968). Debut novel Strange Seed (1978) was followed by sequels Nursery Tale (1982), The Children of the Island (1983), The People of the Dark (1985), and Erthmun (1995; as Laughing Man, 2003). A Manhattan Ghost Story appeared in 1984, with sequels The Waiting Room (1986) and A Spider on My Tongue (2006) following. As F.W. Armstrong he wrote the first two Ryerson Biergarten books: The Changing (1985) and The Devouring (1987). Sequels under his own name are Goodlow’s Ghosts (1993) and The Ascending (1994), plus connected novel Sleepeasy (1993).

Standalone novels include The Woman Next Door (1981), The Playground (1982), Carlisle Street (1983), The Island (1988), The Place (1989), Boundaries (1990), The School (1990), The Last Vampire (1991), Little Boy Lost (1992), Cold House (2003), The House on Orchid Street (2003), and Blue Canoe: A Memoir of the Newly Non-Corporeal (2009). Notable short work includes novellas The Eyes of the Carp (2005) and I Am the Bird (2006), and some of his stories were collected in Bone Soup (2008). He was also an artist, and produced several book and magazine covers.

Wright spent his final years in a nursing home with Parkinson’s disease. He is survived by his wife, Roxane A. White-Wright.