Blinks: Microsoft and Atlantic Council free ebook anthologies; SFWA’s reading list; WFC readings and photos; more

» Microsoft has published Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoft today, free in various ebook formats, with stories by Bear, Bear, Brin, Kress, Leckie, McDevitt, McGuire, and Sawyer

» Atlantic Council has released anthology War Stories from the Future, also a free ebook, with works by Liu, Ashby, Brin, Nagata, and others

» SFWA has released a Nebula Suggested Reading List of titles recommended for next year’s Nebula Awards, so far

» Scott Edelman has videos of 14 readings from the 2015 World Fantasy Convention

» Ellen Datlow’s photos from World Fantasy Con

» Slate: Pulp Sci-Fi’s Legacy to Women in Science

» Wired: Sci-Fi Writer William Shunn: The Book of Mormon Is a Lot Like Lord of the Rings

» David Herter on The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the Czech composer Zdenek Liska, one of the unknown inspirers of Steampunk

» Borderlands Books in San Francisco features Richard Kadrey and Mira Grant later this month