Alfies Awards

Following the Hugo Awards ceremony on August 22, 2015, George R.R. Martin held his own ceremony after midnight at his Hugo Losers Party at the Glover Mansion in Spokane WA, featuring an award created especially for the occasion: the Alfies, named in honor of Alfred Bester (whose The Demolished Man was the first ever novel Hugo Award winner), with trophies created using ’50s hood ornaments. Martin explained, “This year all of us were losers.”

He gave trophies to authors who would have been nominated if works from the Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy slates hadn’t filled the ballots, including John Joseph Adams, Liz Gorinsky, Patrick Rothfuss, Ursula Vernon, and Jo Walton. Martin presented special Alfie awards to Marko Kloos and Annie Bellet, who were nominated due to the slates but withdrew their works from consideration; to Eric Flint for his “eloquence and rationality” in writing about the controversy; and to Robert Silverberg, who has attended every Hugo Awards ceremony.