Black Gate Declines Hugo Nomination

Black Gate, nominated for a 2015 Hugo Award in the fanzine category, has withdrawn from the awards ballot as of Saturday April 18th, 2015.

In his announcement, editor John O’Neill explained, “Black Gate has, for the past two weeks, been debating the very legitimacy of the current Hugo ballot, and I have been publicly and privately advocating a ‘No Award’ approach. I have also come to the conclusion, reluctantly, that this goes against the spirit of the awards. We can’t both be a part of the ballot, and actively working against it.”

Sasquan had previously announced that “the ballot is now going to the printer and there will be no further revisions.” Administrator John Lorentz confirmed that: “The ballot is indeed locked, and Black Gate will remain on the ballot. (That’s because the ballot is already at the printer and we can’t change it anymore.)”

For more on Black Gate‘s withdrawal, see their official website.