Apex Magazine

• Quarterly magazine of SF and horror, since 2005; current editor Sigrid Ellis
• Format: Online; Ebook formats
• Frequency: Monthly

November 2014
Issue 66, cover art by Mark Greyland
• Fiction in this issue is by Rich Larson, Chikodili Emelumadu, Marissa Lingen, and Ginger Weil, with eBook/subscriber exclusives by Elizabeth Bear and Lavie Tidhar.
• There are also winners in a “Steal the Spotlight” contest, stories no more than 250 words long, by Robin Wyatt Dunn, M.J. Starling, Jesicca Walsh, Loreen Heneghan, and Christine Purchell.
• Nonfiction includes interviews with author Ginger Weil and artist Mark Greyland, an article by Ozgur K. Sahin on “Statistics vs. Story”, and short fiction reviews by Charlotte Ashley.

(Sun 9 Nov 2014)

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

• Literary adventure fantasy, since 2008; publisher and editor-in-chief Scott H. Andrews
• Format: Online; PDF and ebook formats
• Frequency: biweekly

October 2014
Issue 157-159, cover art by Juan Carlos Barquet
• Issue 159, posted October 30th, has stories by Gemma Files and Hannah Strom-Martin, with an audio fiction podcast by Brynn MacNab.
Issue 158, posted October 16th, has stories by Gregory Norman Bossert and Brynn MacNab, with an audio fiction podcast by Gwendolyn Clare.

(Sun 9 Nov 2014)


• SF and fantasy fiction, nonfiction, and podcasts, since 2006; publisher/editor Neil Clarke
• Format: Online; Ebook
• Frequency: Monthly

November 2014
Issue 98, cover art by Kuldar Leement
• Fiction in this issue is by Matthew Kressel, Robert Reed, Ken Liu, Pat Cadigan, and Ken MacLeod.
• Non-fiction includes an article on drugs in SF, by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, an interview with Jo Walton, and a column of advice from Wesley Chu.

(Sun 9 Nov 2014)

Galaxy’s Edge

• Bimonthly online SF ezine, beginning March 2013, edited by Mike Resnick
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Bimonthly

November 2014
• New and reprinted stories in this issue are by Leena Likitalo, Robert Silverberg, James Aquilone, Maureen McHugh, Alex Shvartsman, Jack Skillingstead, Ralph Roberts, Jack McDevitt, Marina J. Lostetter, and Lou J. Berger.
• There’s also the fifth part of a serialization of L. Sprague de Camp’s novel Lest Darkness Fall.
• There’s also an interview with Eric Flint, and columns by Barry Malzberg, Greg Benford, and Paul Cook.
• A message from the publisher on the site’s home page asks for voluntary contributions to keep the ‘zine going.

(Sun 9 Nov 2014)


• SF/fantasy long fiction, one story per month, beginning November 2010, current editor Rashida J. Smith
• Format: Online
• Frequency: monthly

November 2014
• This month’s story is “From Stone and Bone, From Earth and Sky” by A.C. Wise.

(Sun 9 Nov 2014)


• Science fiction and fantasy stories, original and reprint, plus features; edited by John Joseph Adams; debuted June 2010; combined with former Fantasy Magazine since Jan 2012
• Format: Online; ebook
• Frequency: Monthly issues in ebook formats for purchase; weekly online updates free

November 2014
Issue 54, cover art by Jeremy Wilson
• This issue has SF stories by Sunny Moraine, Susan Petrey, Roz Kaveney, and Annalee Newitz, and fantasy stories by Gheorghe Sasarman (translated by Ursula K. Le Guin), Kat Howard, Matthew Hughes, and Jennifer Stevenson.
• Nonfiction includes interviews with Nick Harkaway and Charles Stross.
• Exclusive ebook/print content includes stories and excerpts by Ian R. MacLeod, Mira Grant, and Cixin Liu (translated by Ken Liu).

(Sun 9 Nov 2014)

Nightmare Magazine

• Monthly horror e-zine, since October 2012, edited by John Joseph Adams
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Monthly

November 2014
Issue 26, cover art by Jeff Simpson
• This issue has stories by Maria Dahvana Headley, Karin Tidbeck, David Sklar, and David Morrell.
• Nonfiction includes an interview with Leslie Klinger and a column by Eric J. Guignard.
• Exclusive paid content includes a novel excerpt by Micol Ostow.

(Sun 9 Nov 2014)