J.F. Gonzalez (1964-2014)

Author J.F. Gonzalez, 50, died November 10, 2014 of complications from cancer.

Gonzalez wrote or co-wrote over 15 novels, most supernatural horror, beginning with Clickers (1999, with Mark Williams). He frequently collaborated with other horror authors, notably Brian Keene. He published nearly 100 short stories, gathered in several collections, published numerous chapbooks, and edited anthology Tooth and Claw (2002). Gonzalez’s final project was novel Libra Nigrum Scientia Secreta (2014), written with Keene.

Jesus F. Gonzalez was born May 8, 1964 in Los Angeles. In the early ’90s he edited small-press horror magazine Iniquities for three issues with Buddy Martinez, and in 1994 the two edited Phantasm for four issues. In addition to writing and editing he worked as a file clerk, truck driver, copywriter, and in technical support, among other occupations. Gonzalez is survived by his wife and daughter.

For more, see Gonzalez’s website, and Brian Keene’s tribute.

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