Locus Fundraising Auctions

Clars Auction Gallery in the SF Bay Area will be hosting two auctions of items from the collection of Charles N. Brown, to benefit Locus and the Locus Science Fiction Foundation.

The first will be held October 11, 2014, with Brown’s entire mystery book collection, as well as Native American art and artifacts, and other decorative objects.

The second will be held October 12, 2014, with a variety of prints and a small selection of unframed original SF and pulp illustrations by Ed Emshwiller, David Stone, Don Sibley, John Schoenherr, and Vincent Di Fate available for bidding, as well as a selection of antiquities, Mission furniture, decorative items, and smalls. All items from the estate will be sold with provenance attached.

To view items, visit and search for Locus Collection. All items from the estate will be searchable under this term. For additional information, visit the Locus Science Fiction Foundation website.