Beneath Ceaseless Skies

• Literary adventure fantasy, since 2008; publisher and editor-in-chief Scott H. Andrews
• Format: Online; PDF and ebook formats
• Frequency: biweekly

July 2014
Issue 151-152, cover art by Alex Ries
• Issue 152, posted July 24, has stories by Fran Wilde and Sylvia Anna Hiven, and an audio vault podcast by Tina Connolly.
Issue 151, posted July 10, has stories by Cat Rambo and Helen Marshall, plus the debut episode of new podcast The BCS Audio Valt.

(Fri 11 Jul 2014)

Black Static

• British fantasy and horror magazine, debuting 2007 (formerly The Third Alternative), edited by Andy Cox
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Bimonthly

July/August 2014
Issue 41, £4.99, 96pp, cover art by Richard Wagner
• Stories in this issue are by Tim Waggoner, Vajra Chandrasekera, Ralph Robert Moore, Carole Johnstone, Leah Thomas, Ray Cluley, and Thersa Matsuura.
• Columns are by Stephen Volk, Lynda E. Rucker, Peter Tennant, and Tony Lee.

(Tue 29 Jul 2014)

Daily Science Fiction

• Original science fiction & fantasy emailed to you every weekday; debuted September 1, 2010; editors Jonathan Laden and Michele Barasso
• Format: Online; email
• Frequency: daily

July 2014
• Stories posted this past month are by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Mari Ness, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Chris Batchelor, and others.

(Wed 30 Jul 2014)

Intergalactic Medicine Show

• Fiction and interviews, since 2005; publisher and executive editor Orson Scott Card, editor Edmund R. Schubert
• Format: Online, subscription access
• Frequency: Bimonthly

July 2014
Issue 40, cover art by M. Wayne Miller
• Stories in this issue are by Alex Shvartsman, James van Pelt, Mike Barretta, Bud Webster, M.K. Hutchins, and Nathaniel Lee.
• There’s an interview with Jonah Knight, and podcast of the Nathaniel Lee story.

(Wed 30 Jul 2014)


• SF magazine, currently bimonthly, published since 1982, co-founded by David Pringle; edited since 2004 by Andy Cox

July/August 2014
Issue 253, cover art by Wayne Haag
• Stories in this issue are by James Van Pelt, Andrew Hook, Neil Williamson, D.J. Cockburn, E. Catherine Tobler, and Caren Gussoff.
• Features include David Langford’s “Ansible Link” column of news, a Book Zone section of book reviews and an interview with John Joseph Adams, blu-ray and DVD reviews by Tony Lee, and film reviews by Nick Lowe.

(Tue 29 Jul 2014)

Strange Horizons

• Fiction, art, articles, poetry, and reviews; founded September 2000; editor-in-chief Susan Marie Groppi through 2010, Niall Harrison beginning 2011
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Weekly; reviews posted three times a week

July 2014
• Fiction posted this month includes Chopin’s Eyes by Lara Elena Donnelly, The World Resolute by E. Catherine Tobler, and Witch, Beast, Saint: an Erotic Fairy Tale by C.S.E. Cooney.
• Poetry this month is by Bogi Takács, Juan Martínez, Leslianne Wilder, and Heather Knox.
• Columns are by Genevieve Valentine, Eleanor Arnason, and Renay. There’s also a symposium on British SF and fantasy, with Juliet E. McKenna, Kari Sperring, Nina Allan, Dan Hartland, Martin Lewis, and Maureen Kincaid Speller, and an interview with David Kopaska-Merkel.

(Wed 30 Jul 2014)

• SF & fantasy fiction, reviews, commentary, founded 2008; staff includes fiction editors Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Liz Gorinsky
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Daily

July 2014
• Original stories posted this past month include The Devil in the Details by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald, Sleep Walking Now and Then by Richard Bowes, The Angelus Guns by Max Gladstone, A Short History of the Twentieth Century, or, When You Wish Upon a Star by Kathleen Ann Goonan, Brisk Money by Adam Christopher, The Colonel by Peter Watts, and A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Proposed Trade-Offs for the Overhaul of the Barricade by John Chu.
Excerpts include those from novels by Peter Watts, Daryl Gregory, Greg Egan, and many others.

(Wed 30 Jul 2014)